Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thief in the Night: Part 1: Curiosity

Diebin was by all accounts an exquisite thief. She could slink silently through a house in the dead of night, sneaking small treasures into her copious pockets before slipping out like a phantom in a dream. In theory, a perfect pilferer in most regards. Her ability to spot the shimmer of precious metals or the flicker of gems in dim candlelight was unparalleled. Her one flaw, perhaps, was her curiosity. She liked to see the faces of those from whom she stole. Sometimes, if she found the owner of a jewel particularly intriguing, rather than sell the piece, she might keep it as a token memory.

She frowned as she held the large signet ring up to the flame of a dying candle. It was gold, dark with age but still possessed of that familiar glimmer. Wide and masculine, the seal was comprised of castle spires and two scrolls crossed in the center. The tallest spire in the center of the seal was capped with a small diamond, sparkling with brilliant clarity. It was a fascinating seal. She'd not seen another like it. She wondered at the man who possessed it.

Dropping the ring into her breast pocket, Diebin crept up the stairs, which were lined with cases filled with books. The crackle of the fire in the hearth that could be barely heard throughout the otherwise silent house grew louder as she drew nearer to its source.  The soft rumble of snoring distinguished itself above the crackling wood. Her eyes fell upon the slumbering man lying on his belly in a rather modest bed.

He spanned the length of bed, which was wide enough for two, but not as grand as she might have otherwise imagined. The vague silhouette of his feet could be seen beneath the furs that covered him almost touching the cherry wood foot board. The furs had fallen away from him revealing broad shoulders blanketed in freckles. Diebin drew closer. Dark gold hair lay in disarray about his head he slept. He looked peaceful, lying there. She couldn't make out much of his face, shrouded in the shadows cast by the fire, half hidden by the pillow he clutched in seemingly strong arms.

She reached out and tentatively touched the smooth expanse of his back. It was surprisingly cool to the touch. He thankfully did not stir. Yes, she would keep the ring. A glint of metal caught her eye. She looked to a display cabinet near a curtained window. The doors were mostly glass and behind it, she could see a number of beautiful things within.

She sneaked to the cabinet and carefully opened the doors. A collection of ornate tobacco pipes filled the shelves. Some were of intricately carved wood, others cast of metals polished to a high sheen. Some were even made of colored glass or had ivory carvings on the bowls. They would certainly fetch a good price.

As she reached for a silvery pipe, hot breath fell upon her ear.

"Ah, ah, ah. I wouldn't touch that if I were you."

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  1. Oops, seems like Diebin (nice name!) has gone one step too far... I look forward to part 2 :)

    Rebel xox