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"Collar 6 can be described as a BDSM soap opera. It’s over the top sometimes, down to earth other times, and there is very little of the meeting in between.

The setting is simple: Earth, where BDSM isn’t taboo because there are no puritan notions of modesty that equate sexuality to evil.

Episodes debut– Monday, Wednesday and Friday." - Description from the Collar 6 author.

This is a great comic. It's a little heavy on the rubber/latex fetish and female/female relationships, but I still like it. I wish there was a little more hetero and male dom material for the M/f crowd, but I still recommend it. You should also start from the beginning to make it make sense. 

Not technically a kink comic, it's more of a sex humor comic that takes place in a medieval fantasy world. It does have kink stories on occasion though. Make sure you hover over the comics for a bit of flavor text. It updates every Sunday.

This is a fetish comic by Lorddragonmaster on It runs the gamut of fetishes, although there's no "on screen" sex so far. The art is great. Although it mostly consists of F/m with a little F/f. -sigh- One day I'll find a kinky webcomic with an M/f dynamic.

A BDSM graphic novel about the escapades of Ally and Lisa developing their relationship with kink and each other. The art in this is simply fantastic. 

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Create your own human sex map to display on your pages. I think the BDSM bits are lacking in options, but it's still a fun way to document your experiences and desires and get ideas for future fun.

This one went live January 1, 2015. It is far more detailed than the old quiz and has almost twice as many categories. 


A satirical BDSM news site. 


Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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