Cast & Crew

Rabbit - Me. I also go by Simina. I write, design, and promote this blog. I no longer go by this moniker as my current partner has different names for me.

Daddy - Prior to May 2016, this was my d-type for 3 years who gave me the name Rabbit. Post 10/25, this refers to my current partner.

Kitty - My former play partner and good friend of 10 years or so. For the most part I used to top her. Pictures of some of those sessions appear on this blog. She provides photos for the blog under Skin Deep Photography. Her primary talent is being a bondage Houdini.

Foxy - Another play partner, a pain slut like Kitty. I often co-top her with Peach.

Peach - One of my regular play partners, whom I taught to top, and now she tops me. She identifies as a lesbian dominant and writes the occasional guest post from that perspective as Mistress Peach.