About the Author

I am Simina. I've been active on Fetlife since the latter half of 2010 and have been active in meatspace for roughly the same time. I've had three masters, one D/s, one M/s, one DD/lg and M/s, and a handful of non-sexual play partners. I have experience in service topping, but it's not something I really enjoy as I am not a sadist. I have been active in several official community groups and a couple not so official groupings.

I identify with the labels primal, masochist, brat, submissive, slave, little, and pet, although my primary label is pet. My second master was the one who gave me the name of Rabbit, but he and I are no longer together. I no longer associate with that name, but I don't know if I'll ever rebrand the blog.

I really like discussing BDSM topics, so I decided to start this blog. Not to alienate any other dynamics, but I participate in a Male dom/female sub (M/f) dynamics, so I will often speak from this perspective. As it is, any use of owner/master/dom should be considered gender neutral unless I'm speaking about a personal experience, then context clues should be sufficient. I do not use the word "domme," so any use of dominant or dom may refer to either gender.

I also enjoy belly dance as a part of my lifestyle and service and will talk about that as well. I've been dabbling with it for about 5 years or so and I really enjoy it. I will post resources for that as I find them.