Saturday, December 2, 2017

Star Talker: Part 19: Debriefing

This is one of my more recent paintings that I've added a number of filters
to in order to achieve the lighting effect. I like the physical painting, but I
feel this is the effect that I was initially trying to create.

Rha'han scrolled through the battle reports on his tablet as the rest of the ship captains filed into the room. Each took a seat the large table facing the large screen behind their fleet commander, Fahrash. Fahrash was an older man, his dark grey hair pulled back into a severe knot at the base of his skull. He hailed from the southern regions of the empire, as evidenced by his dark copper skin and the short black horns that crowned his head. His gaze swept around the room, lighting on each of his subordinates in turn. When he landed on Rha'han, he looked down at his tablet, frowned, and looked back up at him suspiciously.

Fahrash cleared his throat. "If you've had a chance to take a look at the reports you were sent this morning, you'll be aware of yesterday's victory. All Terran presence on the continent has been subdued and thirty-two prisoners in total have been taken into Klotharan custody. Two Jin Fai ships were brought down and fourteen Jin Fai females were captured as a result. All males executed. Rha'han?"

Rha'han straightened a bit. "Target was the Centauri research facility located in the Bassir region. Eighteen females were captured. Fifteen Terran, eight potentially viable mates. One Candarri of breeding age, and two cephaloid females that will be returned to their planet. Twenty-seven males executed at site."

Fahrash nodded. "All will need to be interrogated, of course. The fact that both sets speak different languages will be complicated. Are there any Terran translators currently stationed in the Citadel?"

"Negative, sir. Capital-based Terran translators were conscripted by His Highness, the Ambassador, for the annual summit. They have not yet returned," Ma'dar said, scrolling on his tablet. "There are a few in the database stationed at various outposts. We could call one in, but it may take a couple of days for them to get here."

The commander frowned.

"Not necessary," Rha'han said. All eyes turned to him. "One of the Terran females acquired from the Centauri facility was their interpreter. She can at the very least translate for her own people, and there is a strong possibility that she is familiar with the Jin Fai's primary language."

Fahrash squinted down at his tablet. "You said fifteen Terrans were captured. I only see fourteen listed on the holding roster."

"That's because I branded the interpreter on the ship. She's currently in my apartments." Rha'han noted several eyebrows went up.

"Bold move," Fahrash said, still eyeing him. "Not sure the Shara will be thrilled with that decision, but it might make the woman more compliant to our demands."

Rha'han wasn't so sure about that. "If she's not, I'm sure she can be persueded."

Several laughs erupted around the room.

Fahrash went around the table, having each man give his report. Rha'han listened intently, jotting down relevant notes in shorthand on his tablet screen. After explaining the interrogatory itinerary, the meeting dispersed, and Rha'han returned to his office in the military sector. The next few hours were spent cataloguing notes, filling out weapons paperwork, and relaying orders and the other bureaucratics tasks that came with his position.

A remote login alert popped up in the corner of the screen on his tablet. He frowned at it. What in the world? He picked up the device and tapped the alert, bringing up the display of his home computer. A few different net screens were pulled up, all in a language he didn't recognize. The more concerning issue was the console pulled up in the corner of the screen, programming language scrolling past at an alarming rate. He minimized the computer display and pulled up the security app, tapping the camera for the study. An image of Selena in a lovely violet gown rapidly typing at his desktop appeared on the screen.

"Ah, hell."

He maxed the computer app and flipped off the network access for his apartments. He transferred his camera display to the home screen.

"What are you doing?" he growled.

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  1. I think I have said this before, but I will say it again: you have a wonderful way of setting the scene, of showing and not telling. I love it!

    Rebel xox

  2. As always I find this story fascinating. I love how you have constructed this alternative world and its denizens. And I wait with a good deal of curiosity to see where the story of Rha'han and Selena is going, thanks. Indie

  3. I am not a fan of science fiction type work but i really enjoy your series

  4. Oh pleeease continue this. It is a great world that you created with intriguing sex ;)