Sunday, November 26, 2017

Orally Ambiguous

I've been thinking about oral sex a lot lately. It seems to be a topic that keeps popping up in various chat groups I pop into from time to time. My relationship with oral sex is...complicated. Or perhaps not so complicated. I guess you can be the judge.

I've never really been fond of oral, particularly giving, a fact I've never shied away from here, or anywhere else for that matter. The act has never really appealed to me. It was never something I fantasized about, and I always found it fairly distasteful when the subject was brought up. Blow jobs just really aren't my thing. They have never conjured up pleasant or arousing imagery for me. Mostly just a nose wrinkle and occasionally a disturbance in my digestive force.

That's not to say I'm unwilling or unskilled. I don't find it so unpleasant that I refuse to do it entirely, although my first dom seemed to try and make me hate it with his rather aggressive approach. But I've been told I'm actually pretty good at it, despite my distaste for the act. I'll do it, and do it to the best of my ability, I just won't typically initiate the act or become aroused by performing it. It's purely a service act for me.

As for cunnilingus, well, I addressed that in Factory Defect, and my disappointment in not thinking it's the best thing before and after sliced bread. I can write some pretty hot scenes depicting it. But my handful of experiences with it have been largely unpleasant.

However, a recent conversation got me thinking. I think I might enjoy oral attentions as long as the focus wasn't on my clitoris and getting me off. I can't get off from it. I find the tip of a tongue worrying at that little bundle of nerves overwhelming and annoying, and holding the labia apart to actually be rather painful. But, perhaps, I might enjoy some kissing, some licking of the lips, perhaps some nipping.

But, by all that's good and wonderful, leave mah damn clit alone, for cripe's sake.

I'm not at a point with anyone where I'm game to try again. No romantic prospects at this point, and thus no sexual ones, but it's nice to at least be hopeful about potentially enjoying some aspect of oral at some point. So many men claim to like it, and I would like to accomodate an eventual owner in most things. And it's such a small thing. But knowing more about myself and my body now, I'll address that ahead of time when the time eventually comes.

Honestly, it does sound like good foreplay, as long as we aren't trying to dig our way to China diving for pearls.

Sinful Sunday


  1. Mmm for me it varies a bit depending on who the person on the other end is. But I don't swallow ( your lover throwing up cum over you is not a pretty sight).
    What is the artwork?

  2. I so understand where you a coming from and I really do love the photo. Like others I like the edit xxxx