Sunday, November 26, 2017

Orally Ambiguous

I've been thinking about oral sex a lot lately. It seems to be a topic that keeps popping up in various chat groups I pop into from time to time. My relationship with oral sex is...complicated. Or perhaps not so complicated. I guess you can be the judge.

I've never really been fond of oral, particularly giving, a fact I've never shied away from here, or anywhere else for that matter. The act has never really appealed to me. It was never something I fantasized about, and I always found it fairly distasteful when the subject was brought up. Blow jobs just really aren't my thing. They have never conjured up pleasant or arousing imagery for me. Mostly just a nose wrinkle and occasionally a disturbance in my digestive force.

That's not to say I'm unwilling or unskilled. I don't find it so unpleasant that I refuse to do it entirely, although my first dom seemed to try and make me hate it with his rather aggressive approach. But I've been told I'm actually pretty good at it, despite my distaste for the act. I'll do it, and do it to the best of my ability, I just won't typically initiate the act or become aroused by performing it. It's purely a service act for me.

As for cunnilingus, well, I addressed that in Factory Defect, and my disappointment in not thinking it's the best thing before and after sliced bread. I can write some pretty hot scenes depicting it. But my handful of experiences with it have been largely unpleasant.

However, a recent conversation got me thinking. I think I might enjoy oral attentions as long as the focus wasn't on my clitoris and getting me off. I can't get off from it. I find the tip of a tongue worrying at that little bundle of nerves overwhelming and annoying, and holding the labia apart to actually be rather painful. But, perhaps, I might enjoy some kissing, some licking of the lips, perhaps some nipping.

But, by all that's good and wonderful, leave mah damn clit alone, for cripe's sake.

I'm not at a point with anyone where I'm game to try again. No romantic prospects at this point, and thus no sexual ones, but it's nice to at least be hopeful about potentially enjoying some aspect of oral at some point. So many men claim to like it, and I would like to accomodate an eventual owner in most things. And it's such a small thing. But knowing more about myself and my body now, I'll address that ahead of time when the time eventually comes.

Honestly, it does sound like good foreplay, as long as we aren't trying to dig our way to China diving for pearls.

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Black Hole

I can feel the very edges of me folding in on themselves.
The weight of my soul is too much,
the gravity too strong.
My weak flesh can no longer withstand the pull.
I am collapsing from within,
each layer condensing into that infinetismal singularity,
an inescapable void.

I see the light around me
twisting and distorting,
swirling, spiraling into my darkness,
consumed, unable to escape.

I can cultivate no brightness of my own.
The hunger of the dark is too strong.
It devours each spark,
inhaling each flame,
until nothing but darkness remains.

The last of my luminescence was lost
in that splendid explosion
which cast those glorious remnants
of strength
into the vast expanse of the cosmos,
lost, even, to the ravenous shadow
I have become.

I strive and strain
to draw in the radiance around me,
replace those glimmers of self
scattered by my super nova.

But I only watch in horror
as that borrowed light unravels before me
sinking into the silent obscurity,
swallowed by the endless shade.

And I wonder,
is that gleaming gone,
is the blackness all that's left?
Or are those fractured fractals
still in there somewhere,
clamoring for release?

Sinful Sunday

Friday, November 17, 2017

e[Lust] #100

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Shadow Play

I used this image previously as a header for a different post, but I like it so much, I think it deserves a feature on Sinful Sunday. My love of chains is boundless and I hope to soon acquire a set of stainless steel irons, because yes.

Sinful Sunday

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Star Talker: Part 18: Culture Shock

I reluctantly submitted myself to Daesha's attentions. Wincing into the pillow as she applied the salve to my bruises. I wrapped the towel back around myself as she disappeared into the bathroom to presumably wash her hands. She returned swiftly, gliding gracefully across the room toward the wall of cabinets and doors. She slid open a door to reveal a closet inset into the wall. An array of gowns in various jewel tones lined the rail. Daesha turned back to me, gave me a quick once over, and plucked a deep purple from the selection on display.

She approached with the garment, dropping her eyes to the floor. "May I?"

I slid off the bed and stood in front of her. She smiled, fins billowing again, and dropped the gown over my head, tugging it into place. It was an empire cut, the waistline hugging me just below the bust. The lining was comprised of a silky material that felt rather luxurious against my skin. Daesha caught up the two bands of fabric at my left shoulder and wound them through some sort of brooch, pulling them until it fit snugly.  I noted that the dress only had one shoulder, leaving the bandage over my brand on display.

I fingered the brooch, noting that it was in the shape of some sort of large-tailed bird made of a collection of colorful stones. "Are all Klotharan gowns like this?" I said to Daesha, who had knelt to put some sort of matching slippers on my feet. They reminded me of dance shoes.

Daesha looked up at me, her gaze drifting to my fingers worrying at the brooch. "There are different cuts, colors, embellishments and such. There are different qualities of materials depending on the wealth of the family in question. Some have more complex designs. However, all gowns of mated women are designed to display the marriage brand. Unmated women tend to cover both shoulders. Those with two mates typically wear halter styles."

I blinked. "A woman can have two mates?"

Daesha nodded, digging through a small case of jewelry, holding various pieces up to me as if judging their appropriateness. "With the abundance of men on the planet, it is not an uncommon arrangement, particularly among the lower echelons of society. The bride price is easier to manage if two men contribute. Sometimes brothers will take on the same mate as well, if the family can only afford one bride price."

Well, that was fascinating. "Are there ever men with two female mates?"

Daesha slipped some gold bangles on my wrists. "It's not unheard of. If a man is rich enough to purchase marriage contracts from off world races, then he can acquire two mates. No man has ever had two Lo'Rahni women for mates as far as I know. It's considered the height of greed to deprive others of a potential mate when you already have one. Now, sometimes, two mated couples or triads will come together to form a single household, particularly if some of the partners have a taste for their own sex."

"What about female only pairs?"

Daesha stood back from me, examining her work. "That is only permitted if both females involved are infertile. Even if that is the case, they are still required to be attached to a male's household in some capacity."

The anthropologist in me was positively humming. "How thoroughly archaic," I said in wonderment.

Daesha shrugged.  "It is simply how things are. You've seen their men. There are benefits to having one of those hulking creatures on your side."

Her eyes went wide briefly, then dropped to the floor. "Apologies, Mistress. I overstep myself."

I snorted. "Well, you aren't wrong about them being hulking creatures. No harm in the truth."

She seemed to purse her lips. "You are going to get me into trouble eventually. I know it."

I tilted my head. "That is probably not inaccurate. I seem to be quite gifted at getting myself into it. Splash damage is probably a good possibility."

I looked down at myself, the lush gown flowing delicately around my ankles, gold bangles tinkling at my wrists, a jeweled brooch at my shoulder. "Aren't I a bit overdressed for being confined to the apartments?"

"This is actually one of the simpler gowns that was purchased. Besides, Master will want you well-dressed regardless of confinement."

I turned, feeling the silk graze the skin of my ass. ""

Daesha blinked, confused. "Under what?"

"You know. Smallclothes? Things you wear under your clothes?"

Daesha frowned. "Why would you wear clothes under your clothes?"

I raised my eyebrows. Well then, something to add to my notes later. Underwear didn't exist in Klothar. At least, not this part of it, anyway.

I clasped my hands in front of me. "Care to give me a tour?"

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