Saturday, October 21, 2017

Star Talker: Part 17: Morning Ablutions

The other side of the bed was empty when I woke. I was keenly aware of the missing pressure of his arms around my waist. I rolled over and sat up, hissing at the ache in my backside. My movement must have triggered the lights, as a white glow appeared around the perimeter of the ceiling and intensified to mimic the effect of natural light. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, noting the heavy metal cuffs still adorned my wrists. I slid off the bed, even the softness of the sheets scraping against my raw skin.

A small note sat on the beside table next to a cobalt blue ring. The note simply said "Your key" in a surprisingly delicate script. I slipped it on my finger and shuffled off to the corner of the suite where another lavatory appeared to be. It was much smaller than the bathroom from last night, but it was appointed with a toilet and a generously sized shower. I poked around in the cabinets until I found a stack of enormous, plush white towels. I quietly relieved myself and proceeded to figure out the switches that operated the shower. A strong spray erupted from three different shower heads, converging in the center of the stall.

I walked into the spray, moaning with pleasure as the hot water ran over my aching flesh. The water pressure was delightfully strong, almost massaging me from all directions. I pulled a bottle of soap from the shelf of toiletries on the shower wall and proceeded to scrub away the dried sweat and the sticky remnants of the rather intense coupling of the night before. My shoulders were sore from the weight of the chains and from being strung up, but the hot water beating down on me was easing the stiffness in my muscles.

I turned my head, noting the far wall of the shower was a wall length mirror. I rolled my eyes, wondering if the mirror was a result of severe narcissism or simple lechery. I stepped out of the spray and turned to examine my ass. Splotches of deep purple decorated my skin low on my buttocks, and a few had bloomed on my thighs. I touched the colorful spots, finding them tender to the touch.

I returned to the water, washing my hair with the fruit-scented soap, which I now realized was scented with maasi berries. I wasn't sure how I felt about the night before. The sex had been fantastic, but my ass hurt like hell. Aside from the bruises, I was no worse for wear, but that shock wand had fried my brain and that fucking paddle needed to die in a fire. All in all, it wasn't an insurmountable situation. Rha'han, despite his...sternness, seemed a decent sort of man. He had done very well with my needling so far.

I just needed to figure out what I was going to do. Centauri Prime would be expecting our monthly research notes, inventories, and status reports in a few weeks. Investigations would be launched when no response was given. Once they realized what had happened, Lo'Rah's global IP would be blocked from accessing Centauri satellites and any of us still in possession of our Arkivs would also be blocked from accessing the Centauri data banks. The only data files we would be able to access would be those already on our tablets and those on Arkivs still on Lo'Rah. The situation was a diplomatic nightmare. I wasn't above wanting the Lo'Rahni to pay for the unprovoked attack on our facility, but I didn't really want to be stuck on a banned planet.

I turned the water off and wrung the excess from my hair. I stepped out into the cool air of the room, wrapping myself in the fluffy towel, using the ends to dry off the cuffs. Daesha was standing near the bed when I came back into the bedroom. Another tray sat on a small table beside the bed with some fluffy eggs, a few pieces of fruit, and a piece of toasted bread on a plate. A smaller tray sat beside it with bandages and two jars sitting on it.

"Good morning, Mistress, " Daesha said with a small curtsy. "I see you already found the shower. I have brought you breakfast."

I tucked the towel so it would stay in place and took a seat at the little table, gingerly eating the proffered fair. "Thank you. This tastes wonderful," I said, taking a bite of the airy eggs.

She smiled, fins billowing happily. "If you will permit me, Mistress, I can brush your hair for you."

"Um...okay," I said, slightly uncomfortable. I had vague memories of slaves brushing my hair when I was living on the Lo'Rahni ship as a child, but no one had done so since.

Daesha was infinitely gentle, drying and combing until my hair fell in a smooth sable sheet. She then began weaving it into a complex braided knot similar to what Rha'han had done to my hair. I guessed it was some sort of popular style here. By the time she had finished, I had finished my meal.

"Master has bid me to change your bandage and treat your bruises. If you'll permit me, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes." She clasped her hands demurely before her, her voice pleasant, but I  could hear the uncertainty in her tone.

"You can change the bandage, but the other is unnecessary."

Her eyes shifted, then dropped. "Ah...may I speak freely, Mistress?"

I sighed. "I'm not from a planet with slaves. You can always speak freely with me. Please do, actually. And you can call me Selena."

She opened her mouth slightly and closed it a few times. "I'm not sure Master would approve."

"Well, he's not here, so who gives a shit?"

Daesha's eyes widened.

I sighed. "Sorry. If it makes you more comfortable, you can just do it when he's not home and do whatever it is he prefers when he's here."

She looked off to the side, contemplating my request. "I suppose I can do that." She then busied herself with stripping my bandage and cleaning the brand. "I strongly advise you allow me to treat the bruises as well. Master wishes it done and will be displeased if it is not."

"Surely he wouldn't blame you for my refusal."

Daesha arched a scaled brow. "It won't be me he's upset with. Trust me, it would behoove you to acquiesce. It's just a simple ointment. It will make them heal faster." She pressed the edges of the bandage down, forming a seal against my skin.

I gritted my teeth. "Fine."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you...Selena."

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  1. ooooh shes a feisty one! great photo BTW

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  3. I like that she allows the tender loving care from Daesha :)
    And of course I look forward to what Rha'han dishes out next...

    Rebel xox