Saturday, August 5, 2017

Star Talker: Part 9: Weaknesses

Selena eyed him warily, but slowly turned around. Her posture was stiff, muscles tense, as if bracing for an attack. Rha'han rinsed the sponge and dipped it back into the soap. He laid his hands gently on her hips and prompted her to step closer to him.

He gave her braid a small yank. "Breathe."

She released the breath she'd been holding in a heavy burst. Her shoulders dipped slightly, but the tension remained. She took in a deep breath as he touched the sponge to her skin, swiping it up her arm, across her shoulders and down the other. He gently washed her back, watching her muscles loosen and relax beneath the sensation. He stood, stepping in closer so that their skin touched. He ran his lower hands down her arms, to clasp them firmly about her wrists. She pulled at them, but his grip remained steadfast. He leaned down, inhaling the scent of her hair as he moved the sponge over her breasts. There was a floral scent mixed in with her own, but he was unfamiliar with the plant.

He swept the sponge delicately over her nipple, watching it harden. "What is the plant you smell of?"

She turned her head slightly, but not quite enough to look at him. "It's called jasmine. I import my toiletries from New Giza."

He ran the sponge across her stomach. She inhaled sharply, abs contracting beneath her soft belly. "New Giza...that's another Terran colony, yes?"

She closed her eyes, as if trying to collect her thoughts. "My birth planet, actually. My father was an astrophysicist, so we spent half of the year on an observatory station. I haven't been there since I was adopted by the Centauri."

He moved the sponge lower, dipping it beneath the water. She struggled then, trying to free her wrists, to no avail. Rha'han leaned into her, nipping her ear sharply as he massaged her sex beneath the water. The sponge was soft but had enough texture for touch of roughness. She shuddered, her thighs clamping together. He reached his remaining hand around to cup a tender breast. He massaged the small globe with his fingers, pinching the nipple lightly between them. Despite her reluctance, she was delightfully responsive, her breath quickening, her body moving subtly into his touch. His cock throbbed in the warm water. He pressed it into the velvety skin of her backside. She sucked in a quick breath, back arching ever so slightly.

He wrapped an arm around her, holding her against his chest. He brought the sponge back around her body, dragging it over her ass. She shivered, her belly contracting again.  Tentatively, he slipped it into the cleft there, pressing it between the cheeks. She held her breath then, stiffening as he moved closer to the puckered flesh of her anus. He pushed against it, smirking at the small gasp he pulled from her. Shifting the sponge out of the way, he pressed a fingertip to the opening until it slipped in. She let out a low moan, clenching around his finger.

"Damn it," she muttered, panting softly.

Rha'han chuckled, thrusting the finger in and out of her ass. He was rewarded with more moans and curses as she tilted her head back, eyes closed.

"Seems I've found your weakness, miiyah."

She opened her eyes to roll them at him. "Yeah, yeah. You gonna fuck me or not?"

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  1. That fingering... oh my, I nearly lost it! So hot!

    Rebel xox

  2. I thought this looked familiar... I enjoyed reading again. I like all the little details you put in. Sex well written.