Saturday, August 12, 2017

Star Talker: Part 10: Coalescence

Rha'han blinked. "What?"

She sighed. "I'm not some blushing virgin. If it's gonna happen, I'm going to enjoy myself. And if you're going to work me up, I expect a payoff."

He hadn't expected that. But then, nothing she'd done so far was predictable. Her utter lack of reverence both confused and aroused him. She didn't behave like the other Terran women who'd come to Lo'Rah as mates. But, then, most of them had come willingly, volunteered to marry a Lo'Rahni man as part of their planet's treaty. The others had been purchased from slave brokers. They'd been granted their freedom through marriage, but they retained the subservience that had been trained into them as slaves. Selena was different. She spoke to him as if she weren't half his size, as if he couldn't effortlessly overpower her.

"All right then," he said, pulling his finger from her and setting the sponge aside.

He scooped a bowl into the water and rinsed the soap from her. Scooping her up, he stood her on the ledge he'd been sitting on and pushed on her back until she bent over the edge. A large vial of bath oil sat on the tray next to the bowl of soap. He poured some into his lower hands and rubbed them together. Bending over her, he pinned her arms to the cool tiles lining the floor. With the others, he reached around her, sliding his fingers over the lips of her sex, slipping between them to coat them with the oil. The warm tingle he felt in his fingers would soon be felt more keenly by her as the oil seeped into her skin. He ran the length of her slit down and back to circle the bud of the entrance he sought. He circled her there, leaving more oil in his wake before delving inside to lubricate the tight passage.

Selena moaned, resisting the pressure of his hands on her wrists. Rha'han chuckled, adding another finger, thrusting in and out of her while he circled the bead of flesh nestled between her lips. She gasped, grinding his hand into the wall of the bath. She pulled harder at her wrists, so he tightened his grip. She growled.

"Ah, ah. I'm flying this ship," he said, biting down on her shoulder.

She popped her hip sharply, smacking his wrist into the edge of the bath.

He growled this time, pulling his hand from her sex to deliver a fierce slap to her ass, delighting in the vibration of her flesh. She hissed at the blow, instinctively arching her back, lifting her ass higher. Removing his fingers from her body, he reached for the oil again, pouring more into his palms. Her forlorn groan at the loss of the sensation sent the blood straight to his cock. He shuddered as he stroked it finally, pleasure shooting up his spine. The oil slid over his skin, the effects of it leaving him straining against his own flesh. He pushed forward, sliding the head between her plump cheeks. She moaned loudly as he bumped the opening, arching again. He grabbed her hips and entered her ass in one powerful thrust.

The sound she let out was positively feral, echoing around him in the bathroom. He met her with a fierce growl of pleasure. She was hot and tight, clenching around him as she struggled against his arms pinning her down. He laughed, beginning an achingly slow rhythm, never quite leaving her body before pushing back in again. She bucked, but his other hands held her hips firmly in place, at the mercy of his pace.

She hissed violently, twisting suddenly to sink her teeth into his hand. He roared, jerking her arm to pin it against the small of her back. Gripping her hips tighter, he set into a harsh, unyielding pace, listening to her frantic moans and whimpers fill the air around him. He reached around between her legs again, placing two fingers against her clit so that each thrust ground her against the rough skin of his fingertips. She growled softly, almost desperately, circling her hips in a way that drove him mad.

Her breath came in rapid bursts, the movements of her hips becoming more erratic beneath his onslaught. Suddenly, she came with a soft cry, pressing herself hard against his fingers. The spasms of her ass around his cock in the wake of her orgasm sent him tumbling over the edge with her. He dug his fingers into her hips, thrusting into the hilt as he spilled into her. She went limp beneath him, panting slightly in the sudden silence of the room, their breaths coalescing into a soft roar of satisfied exhaustion.  

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  1. So fucking hot, I love the interactions between the two of them

    1. Me too. I had fun writing this scene, although trying to figure out the logistics of a dude with four arms can get confusing. lol

  2. This is so damn hot! I think I got a little wet reading this. No, I know I did ;)

    Rebel xox

  3. Really like all the sounds that are coming from this piece - I can literally hear them as I read

  4. that's quite a climactic climax!

  5. We finally got there... Well Done.