Sunday, July 23, 2017

Star Talker: Part 7: Privileges

"How many slaves do you have?" I said, not bothering to hide my distaste.

"Just the three. Daesha and Daila are sisters. Mehdawi is a Candarri male."

"Just," I said with a snort.

He set the chains on a table under a picture of a lavender and cerulean nebula. "I take it you do not approve."

"Observant," I said.

"Follow." he said, starting down a hallway toward a lift tube. He ushered me in first and pressed the button. "Slavery is a part of our culture. You will have to get used to it."

"I suppose I will. After all, I am one."

He frowned, furrowing his brow. "You are not."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Am I allowed to leave?"


I arched a brow. "Do I have the option to disobey you?"

"Not without consequences."

"Then, tell me, what is the damned difference?"

He raised a brow. "You get to ask questions like that."

I blinked, a bit taken aback.

He sighed. "You cannot be sold to another house, like a slave. You are not subject to menial labor as a slave is. No other man may touch you. You are not expected to be subservient to anyone but me."

I rolled my eyes. "I feel so privileged."

"You should," he said.

Rha'han took my hand and led me from the tube to a large bathroom. Two small doors in the back stood slightly ajar, showing toilets stood behind them. The bath itself was a small, stone-lined pool that sank into the floor. Steam rose gently from the deep water, filling the room with warmth. My discomfort wavered a bit in wake of such an inviting sight. The stones were flat and smooth, a vivid, gold-shot sapphire that reminded me of lapis lazuli. It had always been one of my favorite stones, appearing as if a galaxy lived inside the rock itself.

Rha'han stepped further into the room and popped open the buckle on his belt, sliding it free of his trousers. He turned back to me. "Disrobe, please."

Despite the pleasantry, it clearly wasn't a request. He tugged the hem of his deep garnet shirt free of his trousers and tossed it aside. It landed on the tile with a heavy plop. It must have been some sort of armor for that sort of weight. I had read about the new armor technology a few years ago, when I was still on Centauri Prime. Microscale fabrics that were stronger than Terran kevlar, but lighter, thinner, and more flexible.

My attention returned to him, now gloriously nude before me. His thick limbs were a rich cinnamon, lightly dusted with raven hair. His skin shimmered in the light of the room, as if he'd been coated in the sheerest layer of gold paint. He turned and looked at me, resting his lower hands on his hips and crossing the other arms over his broad chest. I stared at him, wide-eyed, intimidated by his solid form. My eyes drifted lower for the briefest of moments, before I jerked my head up to stare at the ceiling. Thank God, his cock wasn't massive like the rest of him. I think I might have passed out otherwise. He was about the size of an average human male, perhaps slightly larger, but nothing terrifying. That was one blessing at least.

"You may remove them, or I will. Your choice, but they are coming off."

I reached back and pulled the Arkiv from my waistband and set it on a nearby counter. I slipped off my sandals and turned away from him, pulling off the thin hunter green t-shirt with the Centauri Prime centaur logo on the chest. I laid it next to the Arkiv and unbuttoned my cream-colored slacks. I could feel his eyes on me as I hooked my thumbs into the simple cotton panties beneath and slid both garments down and off. I stepped out of them and folded them.

"You needn't bother with that. They'll be discarded anyway."

I peered at him over my shoulder. "Taking everything away from me, hmm?"

He gestured to the Arkiv. "I let you keep that, didn't I?"

"How magnanimous of you," I said, turning around and crossing my arms over my breasts.

"Get in the bath." He commanded, descending into the water first.

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  1. I typically have a hard time sticking with installment-style stories, but your writing has drawn me in and I've been avidly reading this tale since it began. I'm looking forward to discovering the fates you have devised for these characters. :)

  2. I really love this story. There is something primal yet sophisticated about it.

    Rebel xox