Monday, February 20, 2017

How Do I Love Thee?

With Christmas and our birthday gift exchanging out of the way for the year, I've been reflecting on my gifting habits and my methods of communication in general. It got me thinking about the 5 love languages and how I express myself through them.

I took one of those online quizzes to figure out my love languages.

  • 10 Physical Touch 
  • 9 Quality Time 
  • 5 Words of Affirmation
  • 3 Acts of Service
  • 3 Receiving Gifts

I'm completely unsurprised that my primary love language is touch. I've always been more of a physical communicator in romantic relationships. It's funny to me that this is the case, since I generally eschew touch from most others. But with a partner, I'm like a needy cat who always wants to lay in your lap at the most inconvenient times. I crave physical affection like some sort of addict. I jump at every chance for contact. I relish every pet and caress.

I also kind of hate that he's built this little fort of stuff around his favorite spot at his house. He has a little makeshift computer station in front of his seat. The other side of the love seat is more like a tray for various convenience items like tissues, cigarettes, and a bowl of snacks. I'm relegated to the couch, where I wait for occasional head pets. Which are nice, don't get me wrong, but I am, at the very heart of me, a lap cat.

Shot from our latest shutterbugging
The prominence of quality time is also unsurprising. I'm always looking forward to the next visit. I measure time in days til I see him next. It helps me get through the work week. My productiveness has decreased a bit, because my focus has shifted, but I do so enjoy it when we spend time together. We often go for drives down the old scenic highways and take pictures of abandoned buildings and various bits of nature. We'll go to the movies, often animated ones, and munch on popcorn while I lean on his shoulder. A couple weekends ago, we broke our usual routine and played video games for the first time together. It was fun, and I'm honestly surprised we hadn't done it before.

Words of affirmation are less important to me, although I enjoy it when he lets me know that I have pleased him. I have had to work on expressing my appreciation verbally, as I'm often more physically expressive. This is primarily a coping mechanism of my anxiety disorder where I avoid speaking in order to avoid embarrassing myself. It's been rather cathartic now that I think about it, to delve into the Little mindset where I can sort of figure out how to reverse compulsions instilled in me as a child. Sometimes though, I have to go back to other languages as some verbal expressions aren't right yet.

Acts of service is naturally low, as far as receiving. I am less interested in receiving acts of service than I am giving. Although, I can see this also being a little low due to the fact that I enjoy having acts of service requested of me. I enjoy doing things on my own as well, but I am less confident about acting independently in someone else's space. I don't want to disrupt Daddy's space without knowing how he wants stuff done, so I prefer to wait for instruction there. Daddy does a lot of things for me. Just this week he bought me an antenna for my TV so I could watch something that didn't require an internet connection. I really enjoy his nurturing form of dominance.

I'm not surprised receiving gifts was so low, but I was surprised that gift giving didn't factor into the equation, because I would have thought that would have been part of it also. I like receiving gifts, like most people, but it's not an important aspect of a relationship for me. And I still hesitate to ask or rather accept offers to buy what I consider to be expensive things from Daddy. I don't like to be a burden or impose on anyone, and I grew up being trained to be as financially unobtrusive as possible with other people's money. However, I've always been a vigilant giver.

I never really ask people what they want for any specific holiday, unless it's some relative I rarely see and know nothing about, but am obligated to give to because of holidays. For personal relationships, I see gift giving as a sort of challenge.  I want it to be a surprise, and I want it to be deeply personal.

I've done this with every significant other I've had. I remember the first gifts I gave to my first dom for Christmas. He had casually mentioned an interest in voodoo, so I bought him a book on Voudun, which looked fairly credible to me. He didn't end up terribly interested in that, but I had also found him a rare retro video game he had mentioned previously which got a better reaction.

With my long distance master, I had very few ways of showing affection, so I tended to go overboard with the gift giving at Christmas and birthdays. The first year, I painted him something, since he didn't want me spending a lot. He had mentioned being a Conan the Barbarian nut, so I sent a miniature replica of the Atlantean sword from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. The next Christmas I sent an array of things, but the main gift was a hand made Minion doll in a maid's outfit I'd gotten at a local craft fair due to his love of minions. The last Christmas, I sent a Dragon Ball Z coffee mug that changed colors with heat. The last two years, I even sent his kids some small gifts personalized based on information I got from him.

 Daddy has been an interesting new challenge for gifting. I mentally scroll through my archives of information that I've gathered, and try to come up with ideas. I was quite proud of my selections. I told my mother what I got him for Christmas, one of those large coffee table type books on The Art of the Classic Car. She responded with "And...?"

Apparently my tendency to go overboard with gifts precedes me.

I was so excited about the birthday gift I got him, that I purchased it over a month before his birthday. One of the first things I noticed upon first visiting his home was a curio cabinet full of beautiful glass clocks, cordial glasses, and antique silver dinnerware, and a collection of antique cigarette holders. So I scoured the internet until I found an ox bone cigarette holder from the early 1900s complete with the original leather case. It wasn't a very elaborate piece, but interesting just the same. I'll have to work hard to top it in future.

It's been interesting topic to muse about. It's helped me learn more about how I express myself. It also gives me insight into how those I interact with show affection too.

What's your love language?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Playing Pretend

My little Valentine for myself.

For as long as I can remember, my favorite game has always been playing pretend. When I was a kid, this involved games with friends, with sticks, balls, rocks, chalk, and plushies to help play out our little scenes. Or, if I was alone, it involved little play sets and figurines, or dolls, although I wasn't much of a doll girl.

I do remember some of my favorite toys though. I grew up in the days of Polly Pocket and the various knockoffs. I don't remember if I had a legit Polly Pocket set, but I did have similar miniature doll cases. I even had a Pokemon one that had a little Pikachu to play with in it. I also stole the pieces from my Pokemon Monopoly game so I could have more characters.

Polly Pocket Trendmasters Castle (1994)
But, by far, my favorites were these three tiny castles. I remember a pink and a purple one (the one pictured to the right), but I don't remember the color of the third. They opened into two connected halves, with little floors and rooms inside to place the tiniest of figurines in. I would use the Pokemon in these too, because I'm that kind of nerd.

I've been thinking about those more lately, as I delve deeper into this whole Little thing. Today I bought myself a little plushy unicorn from the Valentine's section at the store. I clutched it as I wandered through the toy isles while I waited on my car to be serviced. I looked at the dolls and the little toys, and wished I could find a tiny little castle like the ones I used to have.

My playing pretend has long since evolved into the more adult form of writing fiction. My games are more elaborate and end up on paper. But, I do miss my tiny castles. If there had been a tiny castle at the store today, I'm fairly sure I would have bought it. I also may or may not be currently trolling Amazon for a suitable replacement.

I hadn't thought about those castles in a long time. I'd never really considered the little thing prior to this relationship because it wasn't something my previous owners were interested in despite my also calling them Daddy. It's actually pretty nice. It's a comfortable place. I don't feel like he's going to stare at me like I've grown a second head when the childlike aspects of my personality pop out.

I imagine he'll smile when he reads about my tiny castles. Sometimes it's nice to not be weird.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Three's a Crowd

Gimme all the attention.

I have never been shy about the fact that I am not remotely about the group sex. I am a pure monogamist in my soul, a subject that I have addressed frequently on this blog. There is often a prevailing expectation within the BDSM community of some form of nonmonogamy, be it polyamory, open relationships, or casual threesomes at the very least. It goes hand in hand with the expectation of bisexuality, particularly among submissive females. 

I have encountered those in the past that believe that as a slave, I should fully expect any owner I have to have sex with others or for him to expect me to have sex with others. The expectation of monogamy is seen by these types as "controlling the owner's dick," because, I mean, God forbid monogamous men/owners exist too.

I'm always very up front with potential partners about my expectation of monogamy and my utter disinterest in nonmonogamous sex. I'm not bisexual, so MFF would be utterly pointless, and I can't even stomach the thought of having sex with more than one man at a time, so MFM is out.

However, in my early days in the lifestyle, I did come close to an MFF threesome twice. I've never really counted them, as we didn't really have sex.

The first occasion was actually both my first kinky experience and my first sexual experience. I've mentioned the couple that initiated me into kink before. The night consisted of my first kiss and my first beating. I however remained half clothed the whole time like the terrified virgin I was. The couple did have sex with each other while I laid next to them in the bed, but I don't believe that counts since I wasn't really a participant.

The second occasion was with my first dom, who pressured me into asking a friend to have a threesome with us. We ended up doing a number of things, but no one ended up having sex because my friend and I weren't nearly as comfortable with the situation as we might have hoped.

It was largely through these two encounters, call them threesomes if you want, that I confirmed my heterosexuality. It also reinforced my general possessiveness. I don't like sharing my owner. I'm utterly enthralled by my partner. I have no extra space to worry about someone else in the mix. Sometimes I barely have the attention span for one. I have a tendency to go a bit brain dead when I'm being touched.

I'm really not one for sharing attention on either side of a sexual encounter. Is all mine.