Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nary a Needle

Oh, needles, shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art the bane of my existence.
Thou art sharp and terrifying,
and giveth me images of pricking my eye.

I remember thee in the years of my youth
The horrid shadow that loomed o'er the physic's door.
Thou didst pierce my arm with vile potions,
bringing tears, and maternal bribery.

My maiden years saw thy use for darker pursuits,
the point of a pin serving in place of a blade,
to scratch away at anguish with solid pain.
Always a scratch. Never a prick.

Thou art a tool of pleasure now.
But not for me. Never for me.
I cannot bear to watch thy use,
To see thee pierce through supple flesh.

I see thee in the films of fright and hide my face,
for I always envision thy thorny tip
finding thy way into my eye.
Thou shalt ne'er make me do aught but shudder.

For reals though, fuck needles.


  1. what a fabulous way to present your 'no needles' policy.


    1. I was tempted to go full sonnet, but iambic pentameter is time consuming.

  2. When I suggested the prompt I hadn't expected a poem and I think that's just fantastic. I'm so glad you joined in even though for you it's a 'fuck, no' it's a very polarising kink!