Monday, February 8, 2016

Unmasked: Part 16: Bad Advice

Conna stared at the bowl of grapes in her hands. She could have sworn that Kirsa had been holding them before. How did she end up with them? Kirsa vaulted onto a nearby wood pile to take a seat, draping herself over the logs with an easy grace, white hair swishing about her waist. Reaching out, she plucked a grape from the bowl and popped it in her mouth.

"You know, they really aren't so snarly once you get to know them."

Conna spared a look towards the tavern, a sturdy wooden structure with a steeply sloped roof to cast off rainwater. "Somehow I doubt that."

Kirsa smiled. "Trust me in this. Like you, I was a stranger here once, and not of my own choosing. I know what you're dealing with."

Conna blushed. "I don't think..."

"Brunhild and Rodrick are twins. They not only look alike, but they have very similar tastes in...certain areas."

Conna's blush deepened.

"It's not that unusual, really. I don't know what your kind are like, but alpha wolves tend to be rather domineering lovers. It was no different in my birth pack." She leaned in, hiding her words from all but Conna with her hand. "Horribly unfair laws too."

"What do you mean?"

She leaned back. "Well, men and alphas are subject to the typical penalties for breaking laws; flogging, combat, servitude. We women--those of us who aren't like Brunhild, that is--are apparently to fragile for such things. I've never met a fragile wolf in my life, but what can you do? Anyway, we are subject to the discipline of the alpha in our household. In your case, that would be Rodrick. Mine," she pursed her lips and looked sideways at the tavern, "is Brunhild. Of course, that's only to a certain point. Major crimes are handled by the Council." She tilted her head thoughtfully. "You might be an exception since you belong to Rodrick, but aren't pack."

"What does that mean? Not being pack?"

Kirsa looked off, thinking. "It has its benefits and disadvantages, I suppose. You aren't wholly subject to our laws, but, then, belonging to Rodrick, you have to deal with what he commands. You have no rank or status, so there is no real reason to challenge you. But you have no rank, so you are pretty much dependent on Rodrick for everything."

Conna looked around, nervously eyeing the women milling around the square. "Reiner said there would be women who might challenge me. Like his sister."

Kirsa wrinkled her nose. "Gunda? I can't imagine why. I mean, she's been trying to crawl into bed with Rodrick for years, but even without you, that would still never happen. As Brunhild so often tells me, the alpha needs an obedient mate with self-control. Gunda is neither of those things." She sat up straighter. "And now that I say that, perhaps there is something to worry about there."

Conna slumped with a frown.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry overmuch. Rodrick would never let anything happen to you."

Conna stuffed a grape in her mouth. No, he would just do things to her himself. She frowned at the tavern door.

Kirsa followed her gaze. "Look, I know being here among us must be terrifying, but I can assure you that Rodrick will do anything in his power to keep you from true harm."

Conna snapped back around, narrowing her eyes. "Why would he? What am I to him? He's known me for less than two days. What am I besides a piece of property tossed unceremoniously in his lap to be used?"

Kirsa had pulled back, surprise on her face. Her eyes fell slowly to Conna's shoulder. Brunhild had seemed rather preoccupied with that particular body part as well. Conna looked down at the offending shoulder, wondering if it might be dirty or something. A perfect impression of Rodrick's teeth was scabbing over on her skin. Her eyes widened. How had she not noticed that before? She poked at it with a finger. There was no soreness despite the clear presence of a wound. She looked back to Kirsa, finally seeing the set of small pink scars on her own right shoulder that fell in a similar pattern to Conna's scabs.

"What are these?"

Kirsa cast another sidelong glance at the tavern. "It's a mark of ownership. It tells everyone that you belong to him, and that it would be...unwise to molest you. Beyond that, you'll have to ask Rodrick."

Conna expelled a frustrated breath. "Why can't you tell me? You obviously know."

"Of course, I know, but that's something that should come from him." She leaned forward again, gripping the edge of the logs between her gently swinging legs. "Do you want my advice? It's terrible advice, mind you."

What could it hurt? Conna nodded.

"You came here unwillingly, right? And I will assume that Rodrick is very much like his sister and didn't even offer a choice?"


"Then make him work for it. There is no reason he should get willing obedient flesh without any effort on his part. Fight back."

Conna winced, remembering her first attempts at resistance. "I don't think that would go well for me."

"Oh no, you'll get whipped...a lot, but you'll feel better about yourself when he finally wins."

"This seems counter productive."

"It's a matter of pride, really. If you're going to surrender, best to go down with your claws out, no?"

Conna couldn't say she was wrong. She had yet to be wholly compliant, despite Rodrick's insistence that it would be easier in the long run. Kirsa couldn't know that, but she seemed to be encouraging her to go a step further. Part of her was afraid of what might result from that, but another part of her was also curious. Two days was not enough to know this man. Perhaps, if she heeded Kirsa's words, she would know exactly what sort of man he was.

"As I said, it's terrible advice, but useful, I think. At any rate, it makes the sex more interesting."

Heat flushed Conna's face.

"If you decide to take my advice, I'm always willing to help. I've spent enough time around Rodrick to know a few of his prickly spots," said Kirsa, flashing a seductively mischievous smile.

Conna laughed nervously. "I will keep that in mind."

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  1. It might be bad advice, but I love it. I can't wait to see if Conna follows this advice :)

    Rebel xox

    1. I think you can probably guess the answer. ;)

  2. I'm really enjoying this series :)

    1. Yay! I'm glad that people besides me are enjoying it. :)

  3. New to this story but interesting. I will have o go back later and catch up