Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Duke's Discipline

If I had to choose one image that represented the core of my kink self, it would probably be over-the-knee spanking. That one image encompasses so much of what is appealing in kink for me. I am a tried and true spanko, there is no doubt about that, but there's much more to OTK than just spanking.

2nd Spanking scene in McLintock!
It is the iconic image of discipline for me, one of my most fundamental fetishes. It's a wonder how I have come to see that position in that way. I was never spanked as a child. All I had to go on are books and movies and cartoons.

Now that I think about it, perhaps the movie that sealed the deal for me was McLintock! with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. I used to watch John Wayne films with my dad all the time when I was a kid, and McLintock! was by far my favorite. Looking back now, it was probably because the move has two spanking scenes. Both of which are, you guessed it, OTK. I think I'm going to blame my fascination with OTK on the Duke, the manliest man put to film. Sure, I'm probably hyperbolizing, but John Wayne gives me a serious nostalgia boner, not the least because watching those old Westerns was one of my key bonding rituals with my dad.

There is that element of force as well that I really get off on. I enjoy both the idea and the experience of being thrown over a knee for a spanking. No meekly placing oneself over a lap, but being grabbed and forced into that position. Most of my experiences with OTK have been done this way and I just love that flutter I get in my belly when it happens. I feel more out of control, and I relish that feeling.

There's an intimacy to being over someone's knee that other spanking positions lack for me. You're close. You're touching. He can feel your every movement and you can feel his. That physical connection is maintained throughout the experience. And there's a vulnerability that seems special to this position. It's not a terribly stable position. Sometimes you might feel you might tumble off a lap. Sometimes, you might even try, but you're trapped by the strength of the spanker. You may want to get away but they won't let you. The only bonds holding you there are their arms, their hands.

I miss OTK spanking. It's been more than three years now, I think, since I've done it. I hope I get to do it again one day. Right now, it's not in the cards. I'm only allowed to play with women, and I'm really only comfortable doing it with a man I'm close to. OTK is a very intimate thing for me and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that type of intimacy with a woman. I also don't see my play partners possessing the kind of authority that makes the experience fun for me. There is also that part of me that's self conscious about my weight and I'm afraid of squishing someone's thighs.

Hopefully, sometime this year, I'll find myself over that one special knee I've been waiting on for nearly three years.


  1. I'm not one for westerns, but I feel like I should give this one a watch!

    1. Honestly, the only westerns I do watch are ones starring John Wayne. I have kind of inherited a ridiculous collection of his films my dad collected over the years.

      But yes, I highly recommend McClintock! and The Quiet Man, which is another John Wayne movie, but not a western.

  2. I love this post. I can trace my early fascinations with kink and dom man back to the whipping scene in the king and I. I used to rewind and watch that one scene over and over again. I had no idea why at the time but it just captured my attention. I have a pretty good idea why now though ;)


    1. I always enjoyed that scene too. I also had an inordinate fascination with Dazed and Confused because of everyone chasing people around with frat paddles.

  3. I think my earliest association with kink was being bound and that's where I started, the spankings came later.