Monday, December 7, 2015

Unmasked: Part 9: Territory

Conna fell back to the bed completely dazed. What had just happened? She felt like she had been running through the forest again. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. Her breath fell in heavy pants. Her pulse throbbed in her thighs and between her legs. Her body was still singing with the aftermath of his confusing assault. She had awoken to an intense burst of perplexing pleasure, only to have him capture her limbs and force another on her. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not, the way he played her body like a lute. He had enough advantage. He didn't need more.

She tucked her knees up, a bit disturbed by the wetness between her thighs, and fell into the sleep of the exhausted.

When she awoke, Rodrick was already up clad in the leather and metal scales he'd been wearing the night before. He was packing up his satchel, as well as stuffing things into hers. She sat up, clutching the blanket to her chest. He looked up at her. His eyes traveled over her, taking in her disheveled appearance. He flashed another fang-filled grin.

"There is a wash basin next to you, if you want to use it. Your gown is on the next pallet," he said, pointing at the items.

She scooted over in the bed, keeping a firm grip on the blanket about her breasts. She could feel his gaze upon her, waiting to see how she'd handle it. Frowning at him, she turned her back to him before dropping the blanket and wrapping it around her hips. He snorted. She ignored him and went to washing herself as best she could. The gown managed to go on without her having to reveal anything, but, once on, she couldn't manage the laces. Even though the garment hung loosely about her, she grabbed for her belt anyway.

"Stubborn woman," Rodrick muttered, grabbing her braid and turning her around.

"I don't need help!" she snapped.

He gave her hair a good yank. "Behave, please. It's far too early for a beating."

She reluctantly allowed him to lace her up. When finished, he handed over her satchel. "Come on. We have a fair bit of walking to do today."

She followed him into the hallway, where Jurgen and Reiner waited with torches in their hands. Beyond the meager light of the torches, the cavern ahead was dark. They must be travelling underground, otherwise, she imagined they would have simply taken one of the lanterns from the barracks.

They walked in silence for what felt like an eternity. Occasionally, Rodrick would hand her a canteen to drink from, or they'd briefly stop to relieve themselves and eat a bit of dried meat. She had no concept of time within the darkness of the tunnels. There was no sun to tell her exactly how long they had been walking. Just when she thought she was going to drop where she stood, they happened upon another staircase.

"Finally," Jurgen said wearily, climbing the steps and pushing open the doors.

She stepped out last into a room very similar to the outpost they had come from. but this one was filled with giant, armored men. And they were all staring at her. There were a couple dozen of them at least, tall and lean. A sea of  black, white, and silver hair.  So many eyes in different shades of gold were trained on her. She stepped behind Rodrick, trying to hide herself from them.


Rodrick smirked as Constantina stepped closer to him.  The men followed her movements, noting whose protection she sought. He was pleased by her actions. She had essentially confirmed his possession of her before his men with that small movement. Unfortunately, a bit of cruelty was yet required. He reached around and pulled her forward into view.

"A gift from the Kin," he said with a grin. "They would sue for peace."

That got their attention. Their eyes traveled to the girl and back to him.

"Are you accepting?" Luther said, stepping forward. He was a tall, lean man. He was only a bit older than Rodrick, but he bore the white hair of his wolf.

Rodrick pulled her into his body with an arm around her waist. "I'm keeping the gift. The rest remains to be seen. We will discuss that at Council. For now, I tire of politics. I have more enticing things to attend to." He pressed his nose to her neck and inhaled deeply.

There was a rumble of knowing laughter as he led her out of the barracks. He even heard a few whistles as they came into the corridor lit by the afternoon sun pouring in through large windows fitted with glass. They looked odd, set into the rough mountain stone from which the fortress was carved. The panes weren't as refined as the Pyro Kin could fashion, but he was proud of them just the same. He may have been a warrior, but there were remarkable craftsmen among his kind, even if much of the world regarded them as little more than simple beasts.

Constantina shoved at his arm, wrenching herself angrily from his grip. "What was that?" she demanded.

He shrugged, "Marking my territory."

She snorted derisively. "I'm surprised you didn't piss on me."

Such a brave little woman. Far braver than she ought to be in her position. Brave, or perhaps foolish.

"I prefer other methods of scent-marking, as you will soon learn." He snatched her up by the hair and steered her down the corridor.

He debated whether to give her another lashing for the piss comment. Such disrespect was unacceptable. His hand itched with the desire, but he had promised fair warning. While he hadn't promised fairness, he had given her that much, and he would keep his word. He turned her down hallways and up a few flights of stairs. When she stopped moving fast enough for his liking, he tossed her over his shoulder, getting an indignant squeak for his trouble. Upon reaching his rooms, he pushed open the doors, went to the bed and threw her roughly onto it.

He climbed atop her, pinning her thighs with his own. Her belt came off easily. He doubled it over and slammed it down on the bed near her head so hard, it snapped loudly. The girl flinched at the sound. She struggled until he pulled the knife from his belt and started cutting away her dress. She remained perfectly still as he split the fabric down the center and pulled it away from her body.

He leaned over her and tapped her cheek with the blade. "Your strength is admirable, and your resistance amuses me, but I will not tolerate blatant disrespect like you just displayed in the hall. I'll allow your displeasure with my praise, but do not express it in your way in public. Consider this your warning. There will not be another." He slid down her body, taking the remnants of the dress with him.

She was silent for a moment. "...did you have to ruin my clothes?"

"Yes. You won't dress as a Kin any longer. I will bring you new clothes," he said, striding back out of the door, locking her in the room, naked in his bed.


  1. OMG hot! I just love those words: "Consider this your warning. There will not be another." Hot!

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you! I'm rather fond of that section myself.

  2. just binge read all nine (re reading the first three) very hot... want the next section soon pleeeeeaaaaase