Friday, December 11, 2015

That's a Paddlin'

Do you consider a corrective spanking/caning/thrashing as a pleasure or a punishment?

This is honestly a hard one to answer. First, I'll pluck out the word "caning" and toss it into a raging fire where all such instruments belong. I have been caned a grand total of once, and it was for disciplinary purposes. I can't say that after that experience that I would ever find a caning pleasurable. However, I do have a spanking fetish as well as a discipline fetish, which I have mentioned before in Disciplinary Drives.

I fantasize about spanking a lot...a laaawwwwt. Disciplinary spanking in particular. Most of my smut collection is comprised of spanking/domestic discipline romance. In fact, Unmasked originated as a spanking fantasy and morphed into my first true foray into DD romance...okay, it's purely self-indulgent spanking smut, but some people seem to be enjoying it aside from me, so we'll go with it.

Some of Peach's recent handiwork.
As much as I enjoy spanking in general, my fascination is with the punishment variety. I'm not satisfied with only erotic spankings in my stories or in my own kink life. I crave that kind of interaction on some deep internal level.

But do I find it pleasurable?

That is still difficult to answer. It's been a long time since I've experienced a right proper thrashing. The two most memorable instances being twenty lashes with a studded belt and thirty strokes with a cane I mentioned at the top of this post. Both of these were decidedly unpleasant experiences. For someone completely new to punishment at the time, it was a bit traumatizing. The severity of the punishment overshot the infraction by a league and a half. Despite this, I still crave it. I still spend way too much money in the Kindle Store on it.

But as I read about this harsh discipline, I wonder if I can even handle that kind of pain. I did it five years ago, but those memories fade. My tolerance appears to be growing now that I have a regular play partner again, but I'm nowhere near Foxy or Kitty's level. A whack with that damn billet strap the other night would have had me climbing the walls if I hadn't been tied down.

So, pleasure or pain? Both, I suppose. I find the idea of it intensely arousing, but I don't know if I can handle the kind of pain I fantasize about.

But that's the point, isn't it? It's not supposed to feel good when it happens.

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