Saturday, December 12, 2015

Silver-tongued Devil

Snaking over supple skin,
pure seduction with every stroke,
slipping over, but never in,
a lock-less prison, a phantom yolk.

A silver tongue that never speaks,
but pulls from me a breathless song,
crossing valleys, grazing peaks
treacherous pleasures if aught goes wrong.

To feel it flit o'er fragile flesh,
shivers spreading in its wake,
moisture bloss'ming afresh,
though crimson hue it does not take.

A silver tongue with silver teeth,
a dancer of incomp'rable skill,
gliding over that delicate sheath,
blithely bestowing unmeasureable thrill.

He teases me with impish glee,
'til ev'ry note from me is wrung,
extracting ev'ry sigh and plea,
my devil with his silver tongue.

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