Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Virgins on Parade

After reading my catalog of romance and erotica, one might be forgiven for thinking I have a bit of a virgin fetish. My pieces are lousy with virgins. Perhaps I'm the only one who notices this. Perhaps I'm the only one who notices any of the common themes among my work. After all, I'm the only one who has read all of my work. So, maybe you haven't noticed my harem of virgin flesh parading into the arms of hairy beast men.

Or maybe you have.

However, I'll dispel that myth right now. I don't have any particular attachment to virginity. It's just the state that makes the most sense within the worlds I tend to create. I grew up on historical romance, where every heroine is a virgin, because that's how medieval ladies were. You were a virgin until you got handed over to a man, and then, bam, best sex evarrrr.

I remember my mother often telling me that the virgin sex in my romance novels was nowhere near accurate. She's a bit biased, as she has told me in the past that she could take or leave sex and that it was always initially painful for her. Even so, based on my experience, she wasn't wrong. My first experience was extremely painful and involved much bleeding. I won't attribute that solely to my virginal state at the time. A lot of it had to do with the disinterest of my partner in any sort of foreplay beyond receiving a blow job.

I try to create a happy medium between the awful pig sticking I experienced and the fantastical multi-orgasmic affair one often sees in a historical romance. It's difficult, however, to mesh good sex with painful sex when I've only really had the one.

I'm not sure that it's a conscious influence on my part, but beyond the fact that virginity just makes the most sense for my female characters, one possible reason for my virgins is the fact that that comprises the majority of my experience. Most of my sexual activity has been solo. My only true sexual experiences with another person are minimal at best, and mostly unpleasant. What I write here are the wild fantasies of a literary nympho but a veritable virgin physically.

No, I'm technically not a virgin, but in a lot of respects, I might as well be. I'll likely continue writing virgin characters. They fit their worlds just fine. And, really, it's what I know. I was one for almost 20 years.

Maybe I'm just trying to recreate the most romanticized experience of one's life into something actually worthy of romance.

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  1. It's like you've found your own 'niche' to write in, which of course is wonderful :)

    Rebel xox

    1. It is one of my many schticks, alas. I think it works well with my style though.

  2. I see nothing wrong with writing about virgins, especially in the historical context.

    1. It's not so much as that I think there's something wrong with it, I'm just very conscious of my obsessive qualities manifesting themselves in my writing, which I suppose is an obsessive quality in and of itself. XD

  3. i read so many of those historical romances too, and loved them!