Monday, November 30, 2015

Phallic Fallacies by Mistress Peach

They're into it. Sometimes a little more openly, sometimes a little more shamefully: big, strong men who want to submit in the very best way, who want to bend over and let a woman sodomize them hard, fast, and dirty.
Mistress Peach and her elegant

Hot as hell, right? And I'm into it too. Way into it. I'm in my twenties, supple and vicious and oh so into anal play, and I've found that my pool of prospective partners is absolutely huge. Do you have any idea just how many naughty boys want to be taken like this? And in the South, no less! (Goodness gracious me.)

I should be fucking anything that moves.

Should be.

But I can't.

I identify as lesbian, with very strong predilections toward anal play with other women. While I enjoy the fantasy of forcing some strapping young man to suck me and then bend over, there comes a strong divide in my mentality. Is it sex or not?

Do you lovely people know just how many men have approached me, only to be offended when I refused strap-on sex? Something phallic is entering something hole-shaped, and that phallic something just happens to be MY COCK. What could be more sexual than that?

Yes it's silicone and yes it's freakishly long, but like a good flogger or my beloved riding crop, it's an extension of me. When I scene, my flogger doesn't strike my sub, I strike my sub. I may be using an implement, but in the end, I am the one directing the intensity, the speed, the sound. To me, it's dismissive to call strap-on sex anything but--how I've come to hate the word pegging! As if giving it a different name changes the fact that a man is being fucked in the ass!

I'll not apologize for withholding my cock. I'll not apologize for giving the act of penetrative sex a greater weight than manual stimulation or toying. Just as there are probably hundreds of men who would disagree with me, there is a part of me that could never give my lovely scary cock to anyone I didn't deeply care for.

If that makes me the most old-fashioned Domme in the South, so be it.

Peach is a regular player in my posts here on Rabbit in Chains. Since I have no experience with strap ons, I asked her to do this guest post for Kink of the Week. I think she did a bang up job, and I hope she will do more guest posts in the future. 


  1. Perfectly said, what you do has meaning and who you do it with matters. As with you my tools are an extension of me, my will and my desires. Acting against who I am does a disservice to the person I am playing and more importantly, to myself.

  2. This is perfectly understandable, I wouldn't either fuck just anyone nor let just anyone play with me. There has to be either attraction or at least a meeting of minds. If something isn't right, nothing can change that.