Monday, October 26, 2015

Unmasked: Part 3: Defiance

Power flooded into her again, pushing the words to the tip of her tongue. Again, she resisted, receiving another wave of nausea and throbbing in her skull for her efforts. It was harder with those amber eyes boring into her. She wanted to comply so badly, to please the giant man before her. Salt and pepper hair fell to his shoulders in the soft waves one gets from constant braiding. A short, but full beard of the same color covered his face. He did not look the frightening beast she had been told about all her life, but she knew what he was capable of. Or, at least, some of it. Her defiance was stupid in the face of a man who could tear her apart with relative ease. But she was dead anyway, so she might as well go down fighting.

For the second time that night, she attacked his arm with her teeth. A quick chomp this time, to make him jerk away from her. He growled with the pain, snatching her braid up in his fist and wrenching her head back. Pain bloomed in her cheek as he landed a swift, but controlled slap.

"Do that again, and you will spend your first week in my Den standing. Do I make myself clear?"

Conna just stared at him in shock. What did that even mean?It was a threat. She knew that much, but what kind of threat, she didn't know. Standing? Wait. First week? They weren't going to eat her?

He let her go and stood, gesturing to something behind her. Two more giant men appeared to either side of her and followed the leader out the door. The instant they were out of sight, she went to work on the chains on her wrists.

"She is impressive," she heard one of them say. It sounded like the one who'd said she looked tasty.

"This is more difficult than I anticipated," said her interrogator.

"I think we can safely say she isn't a spy. She would be more cooperative if she were," said the third man.

"She shouldn't be able to refuse my direct commands. I can't sense any sort of dominance in her. I think she is too consumed with fear...because someone implied we would eat her."

The chain fell away with a small clink. She managed to catch it before it clattered to the floor, stuffing it in the satchel with the rope from earlier. Tucking her skirts again, she crept towards the door, peeking out of it. Three men...three wolves...stood together in a circle, bathed in the light of the full moon, still discussing her. The light revealed them clearly, as well as a tree root jutting out of the ground very near them. She took a breath and reached out to the root, bidding it to grow. The tendril of wood snaked through the earth, twisting up and down, arching over their feet and back down into the ground. They never even looked down.

As the conversation grew heated, she made a break for it, darting past the men toward the tree line. A shout rang out behind her when they finally noticed her escape. The shout was quickly followed by a series of grunts and curses, but she didn't have time to be amused at their fall. She ran as fast as she could, but she was so tired. A stitch formed in her side. Slowing to a stop, she doubled over, panting heavily. The unhurried stroll of booted feet through the underbrush made her want to vomit. She spared a look up at him, hyper aware of the hair sticking to her sweaty face.

"Are you finished?" His tone suggested the question might be for a child throwing a tantrum.

Still holding her ribs, she managed a rather rude gesture with her free hand.

He snorted. "That can be arranged." Grabbing her arm, he tossed her over his shoulder as if she weighed nothing. He hooked an arm behind her knees to secure her in place and began the trek back the way they came.

"I admire your persistence," he said, giving her backside a gentle pat, "but this really is pointless. No one is going to eat you, but we aren't letting you go, either."

He had just stepped over the threshold when she bit him on the ass.

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way," he said with an ominous tone. Conna swiftly found herself on her feet again, wrists caught behind her back in the vice of his massive hand. He pulled up on her arms, forcing her into an awkward bend. The jingle of a belt buckle set her back to struggling.

"I did warn you."

A loud crack announced the first blow. Somehow, the leather managed to bite through the thick fabric of her skirt. She yelped, more from surprise than pain. Pain quickly replaced shock, however, as the belt landed relentlessly against her backside. She attempted to squirm away, but the position was rather expert for preventing that. She couldn't keep count of the blows.

When she started sobbing, he paused. "Be a good girl and tell me your name."

"Fuck you," she said with a sniff.

" can actually speak. That is an improvement, but I can see we are not done yet." He tossed up the back of her skirts and tucked them into her belt.

"No!" She pulled violently at his grip on her wrists. The belt cracked down across the backs of her thighs.

"Stop." he commanded, his voice hard, unyielding, and tinged with power. A few more stripes had her hanging limply, legs ready to buckle. He eased her to the floor, releasing her hands, and crouched near her. "Now, what is your name?"

It was a purr this time rather than a growl. His dominance slid easily past her walls. With her cheek pressed to the cold floor, her ass on fire, and her body limp with exhaustion, there was no more resistance in her. His power nestled into the back of her brain and pushed the words onto her tongue. Whatever words he wanted.


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  1. It seems she might have needed the correction. I look forward to read the next part...

    Rebel xox

    1. Good, because I'm having fun writing it. XD