Monday, October 19, 2015

Unmasked: Part 2: A Simple Question

Rodrick glared up at Jurgen, growling. "What the fuck did you have to say that for?" he bit out.

The other man shrugged. "Thought she might stop if she thought it wasn't helping."

"Right, because the fact that she almost bit off a chunk of my arm indicated that that would work." He stood up, gently picking up the unconscious woman and putting her over his shoulder.

She was certainly not what he expected. Or perhaps she was. The generous swell of her hips and the rounded softness of her belly put her far outside the Kin standard of beauty. She was unusually petite for one of her tribe. Her long, oak-colored hair woven into a thick braid, slapped against the back of his knees as he walked. Despite all of the falling and kicking and running, the emerald green filigree mask dotted with bits of milky quartz stayed defiantly perched on the top half of her face, not having moved a fraction of an inch.

As they walked back to the outpost, he noticed Jurgen looking her over as well.

"You were right. She is much more delectable than I thought," Jurgen said, giving the plump thigh peeking through the gap in her dress a squeeze.

Rodrick growled again, pulling the edge of the skirt free of her belt so that it fell to cover her. "Keep your paws to yourself. I haven't decided who gets her yet."

"Based on that reaction, I'll assume it won't be me. Disappointing. I like a woman with some teeth. They're more amusing to tame."

Rodrick said nothing more until they returned to the outpost where Reiner waited for them. He  stepped through the gates and into the room in which he'd received the messenger.

"A chair," he commanded, jerking his head at Reiner. The other second placed a high-backed chair in the center of the room. Rodrick sat the girl on it, threading the back of the chair through her bound arms. He pushed back the hair framing the side of her face to find the thong that held the mask in place. Plucking a knife from his belt, he cut the thong and pulled the mask away to set it on a nearby table.

Jurgen whistled. "She won't like that. Those Kin never take those things off."

"The more vulnerable she is, the more cooperative she's likely to be. Besides, best to get it off now. She can't wear it in the Den."

He turned back to her, examining her face fully. She was younger than he'd first thought. Her brow was smooth and lightly freckled. A pale shadow of the mask remained on her face. A product of the sun shining through the gaps in the filigree. Descending from her hair line were peaks of shimmering iridescence on her skin of a pale green. He brushed a thumb over one of them, but it did not smear away and seemed part of her complexion.

"A Geo Kin. I wonder how powerful she is," he mused quietly.

"Well, if she's a spy, likely very. If she's the sacrifice, probably not much of a threat at all. You said yourself, they wouldn't give away something valuable. I can't see her looks alone making her a pariah if she were a Kin of power," said Jurgen.

Rodrick pulled out another chair and placed it in front of her, taking a seat.

"You two stand against the wall. I want her to concentrate on me."

The two warriors dutifully stepped back into the shadows out of the girl's range of vision. Rodrick peered at the woman, peaceful in her unconscious state. He pushed a bit of power at her, feeling out the terrified soul. No dominance pushed back at him, no sense of an alpha spirit. But then, she was asleep, so that could mean anything. However, she smelled like prey, so he doubted it.

Her eyes fluttered open as she finally awoke, wincing from the pain of the blow he'd used to knock her out. Her gaze settled on him, eyes going wide. Lovely, odd eyes, a mix of blue and green with flecks of brown. Her eyes flitted around the room, noting the exit and his position between her and it. Despair flashed across her face when she noticed the mask sitting on the table.

"No..." she lamented softly.

"Don't worry about the mask," he said gently. "You won't need it anymore."

Her gaze snapped back to him, a new steely resolve lurking within those colorful depths. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say.

"I am Rodrick. What is your name?"

Those unsettling eyes just glared back at him.

He sighed. "This will go so much easier for you if you just answer my questions."

She sat up straighter but said nothing.

"I can force you to answer. You know that...oh? Still nothing? Fine. What. Is. Your. Name?" He said, the last four words coming out in a gravelly voice of his wolf.

She tensed, the power washing over her, compelling her to obey him. She pursed her lips and averted her eyes, but not before he saw the pain of the headache surely caused by her disobedience.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.  "Name."

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  1. I am beyond intrigued by this story and would love to read more.

    1. Your wish is my command. Fortunately, I have the next few parts already written.

  2. I'm with Cammies - I'm on board and will follow :)

    Rebel xox

    1. Ha. For once I actually have more on hand to post. No waiting months for a new part on this one.