Friday, October 23, 2015

The Arsenal

Welcome, lovely reader, to the catalogue of my current arsenal of implements for teasing or torturing the night away. For five years, ladies and gentlepervs, I have been collecting and refining my armory, tailoring it to cater to my personal tastes as a connoisseur of pain and pleasure. It's also partially designed to suit my pitiful little T-Rex arms.

So! Gather around, my lovelies, and behold my colorful instruments!

First, we have the main feature of any toy bag, the thing you generally can't find a vanilla substitute for at a typical store. The floggers. Currently, I have six of these little beauties. I had 7, but rehomed it with the lovely Peach after deciding I didn't like it. The top left is a suede and faux fur affair from It's one of my favorites, but it's a heavy son of a bitch, so I can't throw it for very long. Going down, we have a blue leather monster. The leather is stiffer and harder, so it packs a fair wallop. I won it in a prize back back in June. Also from that prize bag is the black paracord flogger made by Foxy at Good Girl Goodies. The two black ones on the right are my twins, and frankly my favorite to throw. Ringing in at a whopping $3 a pop, I found them at the state fair. And, of course, we have the red suede, which was the subject of A New Old Friend

And next we come to the spanking implements. We've got, your standard bamboo back scratcher, an essential for any budget-conscious kinkster as you can get them anywhere from 50 cents to $3. We have the billet strap from the horse tack section of a farm goods store. Then there is the lovely leather slapper, purchased from the same couple that provided the red suede flogger mentioned above. It's made my Sportsheets. And to your right, we have the purple leather paddle from Spencer's gifts, with it's dual sensation of leather and plush fuzzy opposite side. Then we have a spatula from the prize bag, unused thus far. And finally, our East Pointe ping pong paddle, which is great for playing butt bongos.

Here lies the battery of sensation play. Swooping in from the right this time, we have the sharps. Delightfully versatile, theses dangerous little babies can be used for edge play, temperature play, fear play, and cutting, if you're into that sort of thing. Moving right along, we have a standard pair of adjustable, alligator-style nipple clamps connected by a string of silver beads. Up at the top, the back scratcher makes another appearance for it's scratching and massaging abilities. Coming down, we've got a silicone basting brush, a blind fold, and a paint brush. The black hairbrush has been featured on Sinful Sunday as A Beauteous Beast. Alas, said beast was broken on someone's ass, so it is now only suitable for hair brushing and sensation play. Next we have glass pebbles. An odd choice you might say, but they are great for temperature play, and I just love the smooth texture. The nubby purple thing is a microfiber mitt, which is wonderful for cool downs. And finally, we have a couple "Jesus candles" for wax play.

Concluding our tour is the Bondage Gallery. Back on your left, we have various ropes: black paracord, purple Japanese silk, and multi-colored rope of a material unknown to me because I won it at a party. Then we have a basic leather and suede cuff set that replaced my nylon velcro cuffs after one of the ankle cuffs up and walked away. And, of course, we can't forget the chains. You knew there had to be chains. It's in my name, after all.

So, there you have it. These are my kinky weapons of choice. This is, however, not counting the collection of actual sex toys that I have amassed in the same time period. Those you will find more about in current and future Lady Fapping posts. I probably have a few hundred dollars in my play bag, but it's certainly not a luxury level bag. Admittedly, a little over $100 is just in the knives.

But, get ready, folks! Within the next two weeks I'll be posting a guide on how you can build yourself a respectable toy bag for roughly $30. Stay tuned!

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