Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mustang Sally

I've never been much of a car girl. I have driven a pickup truck for the last 10 years and I love the utility of it. I'd have to say that if I had to pick a car that I found sexy, it would have to be the Ford Mustang, preferably the antique models. Dean's Impala runs a close second.

This right here is the 1965 Mustang my dad has been restoring for the last 4 years. A very sexy car, although not so sexy in the sweltering heat of a southern summer, especially with those spiffy black leather seats. 

Fortunately, he drove it home today so I could go ninja some pics of it for you guys. 

There's even a bit of me in the car. I painted the stripes on the Mustang logos. 

I want to drive it, but the heat index outside right now is 107 F, or nearly 42 C for my European readers, and I like having skin. 

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  1. I love the sexy little strip tease in the lady picture. Hey hey girl. Can I have yo numba? =^.^=

  2. This is quite a cool car and I love that you've helped your dad with it.

    42 degrees? That's far too hot to my liking!

    Thanks for sharing the photos :)

    Rebel xox

  3. Love the Ford Mustang. Such a gorgeous classic little car. I'd take Dean's Impala if Dean comes with it. ;D

    Thanks for sharing. :) HGG. xx