Monday, June 22, 2015

Kink Lit: Beyond Shame is Beyond Awesome

As I have mentioned before, I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to kink erotica. I'm not particularly fond of group arrangements and I'm really picky about sexual language. However, I am, if nothing else, a context whore. I can look past a lot of my personal tastes if the language and actions make sense within the context of the story.

Kit Rocha's Beyond Shame does a bang up job with this.

Beyond Shame is a post-apocalyptic dystopian erotic (interesting combo, eh?) novel that takes place after the world is ravaged by solar storms that destroy much of modern society. Eden is the city of the righteous with advanced technology, wealth, and laws so strict, two offenses can get you exiled into the (mostly) lawless Sectors where sin and vice reign supreme, or into the Communes, massive farms where one lives and dies in the fields. Beyond Shame is the story of Noelle, a woman exiled from Eden, and Jasper, a member of the O'Kane gang which runs Sector Four, and, of course, the many colorful characters that populate it. It is a wonderfully composed story about the awakening of the sensuality and sexual power of a woman who has never truly known physical affection.

And it fucking rocks.

I found it while perusing spanking romance in the Kindle store, so I suppose I expected something along those lines. That's not what this is, however. It runs the gamut of fetishes, from bondage, to control, to impact, to voyeurism and exhibitionism, among others. You get group sex, one on one, and bisexuality. It's a fair feast of sexual exploration.

I'm sure some of you are thinking "Wait, and you like this? You?"

Yep. Whilst being a context whore, I am also a plot whore, which should be obvious if you've read any of my work. Beyond Shame gives its readers a wealth of vivid characters with distinct personalities and a compelling story. The sex scenes and the style in which they are written make sense within the world that the duo that makes up Kit Rocha has built. Rich in gritty and sensuous detail, you will become absorbed in this world and desperate to know more about it and about the characters within.

Which, fortunately for you...and me...Beyond Shame is the first in a series. I can tell you now, I was extremely excited about that.

Despite the fact that I'm not really into group sex, same sex encounters, or the cruder sexual lexicon, I couldn't put this down. The sex scenes were hot despite my personal inhibitions.

It's pretty impressive when a book can make me find a blow job appealing.

I'd say my only real beef is that I can't say that I have a good image of what the characters look like. I mean, the clothes are described with exquisite detail, but I have a hard time conjuring up their faces. Of course, this could simply be something my brain glazed over or discarded.

Also, I've been reading through ebooks since I got my Kindle in December and this is the first fucking one I've read that actually had a decent copy editor. I really appreciate when the same amount of care and effort is put into the digital versions of books as the hard copies. I'm OCD, so copious glaring errors pull me out of the story.

Kudos to the copy editor on this one.

Beyond Shame is a wonderful example of kinky fiction. I highly recommend you traverse the interwebs and acquire this work. I'm sure you'll be just as addicted as I am.

Onward to Beyond Control!

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