Monday, May 18, 2015

Soul of the Gray (Part 3)

He laid her gently on the massive bed. She shifted uncomfortably as the soft pelts beneath her pressed into her tender flesh. Instinctively, she pressed her thighs together, painfully aware of exposed body. The night air was cool against her skin despite the fire in the hearth. She held her arms crossed over her breasts against the chill and his roving eyes. The Master looped a finger through one of her cuffs and easily lifted her arm above her head and attached another chain to it, securing her to the heavy oak headboard. He looped a finger through the other cuff. She stiffened her arm against her chest, not wishing to relinquish the meager modesty it provided her. He frowned slightly and tugged a bit harder, breaking her resistance with ease.

She took a shuddering breath and bent her knees, turning her body so that she could tuck her feet up behind her. Her arms rested on the pillows behind her, bound by the smooth metal that had lost its coolness. The Master bent over her, his large hands grasping her at the waist and turning her firmly onto her back and sweeping her legs out straight before her. He snapped a pair of metal rings about each ankle that matched the ones at her wrists. He eased one leg away from the other and chained it to the bed post. He leapt over her onto the bed, the movement so light and effortless it made her gasp. Again, she resisted as he pulled her ankle across the bed and locked her into place, leaving her open and exposed. Her breath came faster and faster as she began to panic.

Seeing her fear, he slid up beside her, slipping a muscled arm beneath her head and draping a leg over her thigh, offering up his warmth. He rested a hand high on her belly just below her breasts. Leaning in, he buried his face in her neck, breathing in her scent. He gently kissed the sensitive flesh, stroking her belly until her breathing settled into a normal rhythm and her heart slowed a bit.

His hand moved to caress a modest breast, the rough callouses of his palm sending a tingling sensation shooting from her chest to somewhere low on her belly. Eilin fidgeted, unsure of what to do with such a sensation, not that she could really move anyway. His touch grew more insistent, massaging her flesh with his strong hands. Her breasts, her belly, the generous swell of her hips. She gasped softly as he drew his claws over the tender skin in the space where belly met thigh, as everything contracted and convulsed for the briefest of moments. Her eyes popped wide as her hips lifted from the bed and fell heavily back to the furs.

He loomed over her suddenly, looking down at her with luminescent eyes. "Do you know what it is like to have been without touch for centuries? Hundreds of years I have spent in this cold place, the only heartbeat in my ear my own, the only human scent that of my own body." He squeezed her waist. "I have missed the solidity of flesh, the soft scent of woman, the heat of blood beneath the skin."

He rolled atop her and pressed the full length of him against her body. He was strangely hard and soft at the same time. His muscles were like warm stones against her, pulsing with his swiftly beating heart, but the silky hair that covered him felt much like the pelts resting beneath her. He slid down her body, maintaining the contact until he knelt between her bound feet, gazing down at her hungrily with those uncomfortably bright eyes.

"I have missed this," he all but growled before burying his face in the heat of her sex.

Eilin cried out with surprise as he desperately tried to inhale her, his hands slipping beneath her thighs to hold her hips. Even in his seeming desperation he was careful to keep his claws from parting her skin. His nose parted her folds to delve into the wet heat, the coarse hair of his beard tickling her skin. He stabbed his hot tongue into her opening, sucking greedily as he did so, as if he might drink the very essence of her into himself.

Eilin pulled hard against the chains, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar pleasure. Held open by the chains and in place by his steely grip, she could not escape the  assault on her core. He drew his tongue up the length of her slit to draw steadily on the tender bead nestled between her folds. He sucked hard, growling against her. The vibrations sent waves of bliss roiling through her. She whimpered, fighting against his grasp. He growled again, shifting his fingers ever so slightly so that the tips of his claws pressed lightly into her skin. She felt their sharpness. There was no pain, but she knew further fidgeting would press them deeper. A warning. She whined wordlessly into the air.

A deep laugh between her thighs had turned her whine into a soft moan. Those coarse hairs on his lip and chin drove her mad at both ends as his tongue continued its persistent quest to undo her. The little bead of flesh throbbed wildly beneath his attentions, seeming to grow until she felt it might burst. Pricks of pain amplified the sensation as he nipped at her swollen lips, pulling them in between his own lips alternately to draw out the sting.

Her body went taut beneath him as the pressure low in her belly grew at an overwhelming rate. She pulled hard on the chains, gripping the smooth links in her fist until the muscles in her arms ached with the effort. His devouring of her became more frantic, his tongue moving deeper into her body as he hummed against her.

She snapped like a bow string, the tension fleeing from her with a soft cry, her body falling into convulsions. His hands released the instant she had erupted into her release. He watched with satisfaction as she twitched and throbbed in the aftermath. He pressed the heel of his hand against her and rubbed occasionally to send new aftershocks rolling through her.

He settled onto the bed, resting his prickly cheek against her thigh. His breath fell coolly upon her dampness, making her shiver. Idly, he played with the soft hair that dusted her mound.

"Oh, aye, I have longed for such a meal for handful of lifetimes."

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  1. I knew I would enjoy reading part 3, and I certainly did!

    Rebel xox

  2. I LOVE your description of the aftermath! The whole story is so sexy!!!
    Xxx - K

    1. Hehe, thank you. I often find descriptions of that moment to be woefully inadequate. Or, at least, inaccurate to the way I experience them.

  3. That is a fabulous story, I loved every drawn out second. I can empathise with her initial fear, to be so exposed can be terrifying when emotion & desire collide.


    1. Hopefully it won't take me 6 months to write the next part. XD I'm an unabashed foreplay whore, so I tend to concentrate more on those aspects than the actual sex, but I'm slowly figuring that part out.

  4. Ooohhh...lovely, sexy final line. And the visual accompaniment is nice!