Monday, April 27, 2015

Wicked Wednesday: The Picky Prude


Gifted with the rare three-day weekend, I found myself spending a fuck load more money than I really should have. The local munch was Saturday night, and I spent my first Saturday morning off since October at the local Farmer's Market with Kitty, discussing photography for the blog. I have received consent from some local community members to use pictures of them from our parties in the blog, and I'm rather excited.

Look at them all...
Yesterday, planning to go to Lane Bryant with a friend, I ended up in a bookstore located in the same strip mall while waiting for her to get there. It was a bit of a mess, empty shelves sitting in odd places. The genres had been moved around since I was last there. Stuff was strewn about in some aisles. It was fairly sad looking.

I searched fruitlessly for a section that might have books on dancing, and ended up combing the Romance section for the one case of erotica that was usually tucked away in the middle.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon two full cases of BDSM erotica. Needless to say, I was baffled. The last time I'd been in a bookstore, the erotica section was a single case with a handful of kinky ones scattered about. This appeared to be literally 2 cases of nothing but kink erotica.

At least is doesn't
say billionaire on
the cover. 
Although, they were in no logical order. I found Anne Rice in a few different spots and Fifty Shades was shoved in random places in both cases. I just kind of stared at it for a few minutes before I started taking pictures of covers and titles. At first, I was just snapping the 50 Shades ripoff titles until I started noticing they were all kink books.

Then I noticed that not a single one of these books was a standardized mass market paperback, leading to a litany of internal grumblings. I hate buying $16 books with 12 point font and double spacing. In fact, I don't. I refuse to spend that much on books like that. I grew up reading 800-page 8pt. font single spaced fantasy novels and bemoaning they weren't longer. My inner cheapskate hates the publishing market's habit of making books, fonts, and spacing bigger so they can sell you less content at a higher price.

12 Shades of I'm not
But, I found my way to the bargain shelves, equally as disheveled as the other cases, no rhyme or reason to the placement of the books. Sylvia Day and Shayla Black were littered about, shoved between mysteries and histories. I would pick up a book, flipping to a random page, looking for the dirty scenes. Mostly checking to see that they were actually kinky.

Now, I never developed a taste for vulgarity with my sex. I'm not a porn enthusiast. I actually find most porn repulsive. I end up watching subtitled hentai if I bother at all because I can't understand what they're actually saying. I grew up reading historical romance where the sex was described with a more poetic turn of phrase.

Except the word cock. The word cock appeared a lot. Cock doesn't bother me.

Cunt though? I hate even typing it. I find it extremely jarring to read, and tend to stop reading any sex scene where it appears. So I flipped open one of the Sylvia Day affairs...Bared to You, I think, saw "blah blah blah cunt" and slodged it back on the shelf. I also get a pang of distaste when I see the word "pussy," especially when it makes no sense for the character to be using it in the first place. Like coming from a rancher's daughter in 1870s Texas.

What? I have high expectations of my porn. And that includes language consistent with the time period and social status of the protagonists. So I typically pick up historical or fantasy titles to avoid words like cum, pre-cum, creaming (and variations thereof), and the words mentioned above.

Reviews coming
...I think I just made myself a little ill.

I did manage to pickup a couple of titles, and during the course of my explorations, I noticed that the 4th Beauty book by Anne Rice had released. I preordered it a few months ago and I've started reading it on my Kindle. Future Kink Lit posts on each of these titles.

I can't say that Anne Rice's porn is really to my tastes either, because I'm not into all of the fetishes evarrrr. However, I read the first three, so it only seems fitting to read the latest installment, even if the cover is hideously boring. I loved the Renaissance-esque paintings that were the covers of the trilogy.

I can't say as I'm ever going to be an erotica critic. I don't like porn enough for that, but I'll share with you what I manage to pick up. I figure if I'm going to write kinky fiction, I should read some of it.

Although, as you can see, I'm a bit of a relative prude. Then again, Puritans were excellent examples of masochists, no?

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  1. It's interesting how people's views differ on the use of different words in erotica, like cunt and pussy and cock. Those are all words I prefer in literature, as long as indeed it fits the time frame.

    Thanks for the tip on the Anne Rice's book. I definitely need to read it too :)

    Rebel xox

    1. I'd say it's part of the main reason I have a hard time finding porn. I search for myself in stories, or I search for stories that have something other than the slender, beautiful woman with huge tits and maybe a little bi streak.

      I figure, I don't use those words during sex, so surely there must be others who don't either.

  2. I like your taste in language, I also find the word "cunt" jarring preferring "pussy" when writing myself.

    Like Marie I shall also have a look at the Anne Rice books.

    Velvet x

    1. I am ever true to my upbringing and use the fancy words from the medieval Scottish romances I started with. XD

  3. I am seriously loving all the book pictures! I also find it fascinating how wide the span of people's language preferences are. I love the words cock, cunt, and a little less so, pussy, myself, but I get how people don't like them, too. For me it's about what fits the context. Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and also the sexy book pics)!

    1. I got a Kindle for my birthday, so I don't get to actual bookstores much anymore. I always manage to take pics of the kinky ones when I do though. XD

  4. Yes phraseology is in the "ear" of the beholder isn't it.
    It's a strange thing, but I often find reading, or hearing those particular words you mention, jarring . . . or gratuitous . . . and yet I love using them myself when I'm in the throes of passion!!!
    Xxx - K

    1. Daddy uses "kitty" because I hate pussy. I've never been one to get overly vulgar about sex unless I'm joking around. He would often go "wtf did you just say" any time I used a crass term in reference to sex.

  5. I struggle to find decent literary porn too, although for entirely different reasons.

    I have no problem with vulgarity, I find it adds a certain frisson when the sex described is as raw as the language used.
    I just find most erotica too formulaic for my liking. I've lost count of the number of books I've bought, blindly, only to flip through them and resign them to dust gatherers on my shelf because the words within simply do not captivate