Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KotW: Snicker-Snack

I am an unabashed knife whore, a lover of all things sharp and shiny and stabby that are not needles. Because needles can go fuck themselves. But knives? Daggers? Swords? Mmm. Glorious, beautiful things that feel so nice when drawn delicately across the skin.

My latest acquisition, from a local
Viking/Celtic festival.It's purple, 
to match my other toys!

Now, cutting? Meh. I mean, I might engage in a minor bit of slicing on a bad day, with Daddy's permission, of course. He's not overly fond of the habit, but since I ask so rarely, he's never said no. As for actual knife play? Yeah, no cutting. In fact, if I come away with scratches, I feel the top has been a bit too heavy handed with it. I did knife play once with a top I'd never played with before and came away looking I'd been mauled by a cat. Showering was a bitch the next day, for sure.

I just love the sensation of a sharp edge sliding across my skin. It has to be sharp too. Once you've grown used to a fine edge, a dull one is just disappointing.

A friend has labeled this my Batarang.
I enjoy a fair dose of fear play, and there are tops that like to hold the dull edge against slice quickly to make you panic.  I'm one of those annoying bottoms that can tell the difference between edges, so that trick just makes me mad. I'd rather deal with the distinct thrill of having that sharp edge sliding over more...delicate...bits of the anatomy.

Daddy was, shall we say, a bit resistant to the idea when I told him I was seriously into knives. He'd had an accident with a previous partner who had moved at the wrong time with a knife in the twatular vicinity. I've brought him back around though, if one of his purchases is anything to go by. He sent me a picture of this knife and told me he'd bought it for me. He was even considering engraving "Rabbit" into the blade. I was quite squeeful to say the least, which led to the lovely little quip:
So pretty. His arm is pretty hot too.

"I find it funny that you're more scared of my dick than the huge ass knife I just bought for you. Most women would look at the dick and say 'yay' and the knife and run, but you're the other way around." 

What can I say? I'm odd. But, in my defense, his dick is kind of huge.

The little ones are LotR sword replicas,
disappoingtingly dull. The one in the
top right is a dragon dagger with a
It's been a long time since I've done any bottoming. I typically spend most parties service topping, but the few times I have bottomed in the last year, it was knife play with my primary play partner, Kitty. She carries around a set of throwing knives in her bag and we've made great use of those. It's the only activity she's really topped, and she is brilliant at it. In certain positions, I can almost fall asleep, it's so relaxing.

Since December, I've acquired my own collection of knives and started adding them to my topping sessions. In fact, this weekend, I'm taking my shiny babies to my student, Peach's house, to give a lesson in knife topping. And, perhaps, to get the first beating I've gotten in a while. But, I suppose that's another post. I'm sure knives will be making their way into future posts as well, because omg, I can't walk past a knife case without drooling.


  1. Knives are a hard limit for me but it is so interesting to read about others experiences and feelings towards them.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Velvet x

    1. They were a hard limit for me when I first got into the lifestyle, but about a year and a half in, I had someone use a dull decorative knife during play and I liked it. I'm not sure when I switched to the sharp ones, but I've been hooked since.

    2. The little swords in the last picture are dull, and I use them on people who are scared of sharps.

  2. I am totally with you on this topic. I love knife play and I love knives, I even bought Sir a new one for out wedding anniversary. It has a beautiful coloured handle and engraved steel blade. It is beautiful to look at and beautiful to feel against the skin and oh my that thing is SHARP


    1. Yiiissss, the precious must be shaaaarrrrp. I need to stop buying them every time I see a pretty one. I've bought 10 since December, granted 6 of them were in a single set.