Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm Frustrated

I'm frustrated and PMS'ing and annoyed with him. I pick up my phone to send a text, stare at it, and inevitably put it down without typing anything. I'm annoyed that I have a legitimate gripe, but I can't say anything without feeling like I'm coming across like a bitch.

I know he's injured and overworked. And I can't say anything because that's the answer I get. I know that.


I consider myself fairly low maintenance. I don't ask for a whole hell of a lot.

For fuck's sake, a good night text takes a whopping 5 seconds to send.

I've sent him 3 texts today. One of which was the ever articulate:


So, I continue to stare at the phone, incapable of thinking of a thing to say. No idea what I'm gonna do if he calls.

The face of mild disappointment.

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