Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kink of the Week: Baubles, Bangles, and Beads (I Mean Bells)

I have always been afraid of needles, dating back to my bratling days when shots were evil incarnate. I can't watch needle play. I can't watch anything to do with needles in a horror movie. Gaw, that syringe scene in Saw II kind of made me wanna die a little.

Nope. Nope. All of my Nope. Plus some of your nope, too.
Source: YouTube

So, naturally, I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was 19. I had it done at one of those stupid girl jewelry stores. Claire's, I think. It wasn't even the one geared toward older girls. And, of course, it was done with one of those gun things. It took over 6 months for those bitches to heal. Pretty much completely turned me off of piercings altogether. Not that I was turned on by them to begin with.

Ever since I got into kink, piercings have been on my unslavely hard limit list. I see my other M/s friends off getting piercings in all the places no one sees. Even as an order, I don't think I could submit to that. I'd probably panic, blackout, and go into an anxiety psychosis and wake up in the woods somewhere covered in blood. I am not remotely good at forcing myself to do things I'm afraid of, but boy can I talk myself out of anything. Fortunately, Daddy has no interest in nether piercings, because I think we might come to violence over those. I'd lose, but, God, I'd tear some shit up in the process.

Unfortunately, (can you see my wildly enthused face here?) he does have a thing for nipple piercings. I think only one of his previous girls got out of that requirement, and that was because she had diabetes. Now, I'm not remotely interested in the idea. It's even on my limit list that he allows. Which I have pointed out. He still teases me relentlessly about it like he can convince me to give it up.

Of course, I'm not wholly unreasonable. I did present a condition under which I would submit to someone jabbing a needle in my nipples. Whether he'll take me up on that remains to be seen. I would hope he does, because it's kind of a relationship requirement for me in the long term.

If it does happen, I've already decided what I want. I've never been a fan of the barbells, but I've always liked the rings I've seen on slaves in movies. Daddy informed me that they were called captive rings. I'd say that's appropriate.

Although, none of that bead bullshit. I want these babies.

Captive Segment Rings

Seamless loops that speak to my archaic soul. And not the least because I'm a belly dancer and I have a fetish for slave bells.

All of the bells ever. @.@

Despite my fear of needles and piercings and sharp shit that is not knife-related, that bitch is gorgeous....and ridiculously expensive, so I will likely never have it, but still. It does speak to my Odalisquian interests, although I have been summarily informed by some rando on the Odalisque forum on Fetlife that odalisques and harem slaves were never pierced. Also, according to him, this should be obvious. I guess he's post cognitively omniscient.

So, piercings are not a fetish of mine, but I suppose I can make the best of an undesirable situation. Although, I'm not remotely excited about months with no nipple play, because, with my luck, they'd take an eternity to heal.

But, omg, all the bells!


  1. Welcome to the Kink of the Week!

    I *adore* slave bells as well. I actually made a necklace and bracelet with them before I ever got into kink. Afterwards I wondered if anyone kinky ever wondered about me when I wore them. It kind of made me tingle. ;-)

    Oh, and yes - segmented rings are great. They are what I have in my labia piercings. But nipple piercings? A BIG no-way for me!

    1. I have 3 bell anklets, wrist bells, bell earrings, and I think one of my coin necklaces also has bells on it. I also have set of brass bells strung on a rope that can be a headband or a collar. Hell, I might have to do a post just on bells. lol. I need a new set of ankle bells. My matching set was super cheap, but the tone is poor.

      Being a dancer, if I saw someone in bells, I'd probably think belly dancer first and then kinky after. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair amount of belly dancers were also kinky.

      See, now, I could probably deal with nipple piercings, but anyone coming at my girly bits with a needle is about to get royally fucked up, cause...nope, nope, nope.