Saturday, August 30, 2014

Odalisques: Beauty: Repunzel, Repunzel...

"A principal reason for possessing an odalisque is to enjoy the beauty of women, and odalisques have the time and the duty to take care of their appearance, to cultivate grace, and to seek out clothes and cosmetics which present their bodies to their master as a frame presents a painting."
This is from March 2014. I have
since had my hair layered, but it is
the same length. 

I have had long hair for most of my life. The longest it ever got was just at the top of my thighs. It has wavered between blonde and golden brown through sun and age, but I have never dyed it. There was a period of about 8-10 years that I didn't cut it at all. It has been the one part of my appearance that I have never disliked (excluding the brief periods when it was short). I have always enjoyed the comments I get about my hair. People seem to be fascinated by extremely long hair.

When I started college, I cut larger bits of it off, trying to rid myself of all the dead ends. In summer of 2010, I had to drive a friend to the hospital for a case of heat stroke. I was wearing my hair in a braid wrapped around a clip, as I often do when it's hot. He informed me in a slurred, giggly, almost drunken way; "I like your hair like that. You look Amish."

This is roughly a year after the final 12
inches came off.

Two months later, I cut about 12 inches of hair off, leaving it just below my shoulders. Between January 2009 and July 2010, I had cut off nearly 2 feet of hair. It was an interesting experience. I didn't quite know what to do with it. For a decade I had braided it after washing it and clipped it up. Now there wasn't much to braid at all. I no longer had the defining feature of my Repunzel-like hair. I wasn't overly fond of the length. I had wanted it left longer, but I was donating the hair, and they had a required amount to take.

When I started delving into the world of dance, I saw belly dancers with long, gorgeous hair, and I immediately missed mine. I missed being able to reach behind me and tug on the ends without even having to stretch. After I saw this dancer, and her lovely hair swirling around her hips, I decided to grow my hair back out.

It's back at my hips now, although I now have it layered, because it looks so much better like that. Daddy absolutely adores long hair and wants me to grow it longer. We have discussed perhaps knee-length, but I may see if he can settle for the tops of the thighs like it was before simply to make it easier to manage and care for, and manipulate while dancing. I'm not allowed to cut it or dye it without permission. He also says if I do dye it, it can't be blonde. He grumbled a bit when I told him I'm technically blonde already, it's just a very dark blonde. At least, according to the stylists. 

I've been looking into natural/herbal healing and hygiene, and now that I have a series of oils, I'm going to attempt a regular hair mask. Today, we whipped up a mix of coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and a little vitamin E oil.

Hair mask ingredients. 

By the way, it's kind of difficult to oil up about 3 feet of hair. If I keep this up, I may need help with it eventually. Although, I told Daddy that if he wanted it that long, he'd have to help me take care of it.

Up to this point in my life, I've never done much with my hair. I haven't dyed it. I have never done anything particularly complicated with it. It's mostly a life of wash, brush, braid and wrap it around an octopus clip. Consequently, the infrequency of my haircuts and my lack of really doing anything with it has left it somewhat less than I would like.

So, I shall try this mask thing, and see what it does for my hair. I also kind of want to try some of those elaborate hairstyles from hundreds of years ago. Although, I'd probably need 3 people doing my hair to manage that. The last time I cut my hair, the stylist's arms were almost not long enough to manage it. Although, my hair has been the only way I've ever brought a man to his knees. Gave everyone in the salon a good giggle.  

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