Friday, July 4, 2014

My New Mistress

May I present my new mistress. Her name is Uli. It means "mistress of all" or "ruler of the universe." I did not know that before I picked it. It must be fate.

I am taking a bit of a leap and moving out of my parents' house prior to relocating to be with Daddy. I have always wanted a cat, and being on my own (so to speak. I'm moving in with friends.) I can now have my own cat. I planned to get one when I moved in with Daddy, which he was all on board for, but I'm happy I have one now.

I also couldn't have gotten a more beautiful cat. My roommate found her for me and even went and fetched her. She's a seal point Siamese with a traditional/applehead body type. Basically she's short and chubby, which I love.

The first day we had her, she was 10 shades of terrified, constantly hiding and clinging to your shoulder like "Omg, don't let me go I'm gonna die." That night she somehow dug a hole in the liner of the couch and hid herself away inside it. My roommate had to cut the liner to get her out. She hid there 4 times the following day. Fortunately, she had been wearing a harness we got at the pet store the day before so she was easy to fetch. It really helps that's she's not an aggressive cat.

Although, thank God they clipped her claws at the vet we picked her up from because otherwise my arm and shoulder would be in ribbons right now. She likes to knead with her paws and panic clings when you pick her up.

By day 3 she wasn't hiding as much and we got her to play and eat. I had to hand feed her bits of the ground up chicken at first, but she's eating out of the bowl now.

I'm so excited about my new kitty. Daddy can't have anymore kids, so since I'll never have my own babies, I'll have to settle for fur babies. At least they stay cute forever. :3

I'm excited about the move and about my new cuddle buddy. She'll make it easier being apart from Daddy. On the upside, he's starting his physical therapy next week, so hopefully we're getting closer to the big move.

Well, it's kind of blurry, but here's Uli trying to murder my Yoshi doll.

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