Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Slave Mythology: All the Nakeds, All the Time: Fantasy vs. Reality

I think most of us got into this with some sort of fantasy in our heads about what it would be like.  Whether it be from porn, a book we read, or a film we saw, or even just some innocent image, there was some sort of fantastical idea that sparked our interest. You see it all the time with noobs coming in with these unrealistic expectations of what it's like to be a slave, or a submissive. The two are often used interchangeably in fictional portrayals of the lifestyle, perhaps because the author is inexperienced or because they feel the need to simplify the concept to keep the reader engaged.

But, when it comes down to actual practice, I think many are disappointed when they find that it's not the fantasy they pictured. And that's understandable. Fantasies are alluring, engaging. They give mundane activities this sort of epic atmosphere they would not otherwise have. We seek fantasy to escape the stress or boredom of reality.

A popular one I tend to see is the newbie slave who thinks that they want to be confined to a cage, and only be let out to perform their duties (which often exclusively pertains to sex). That's all well and good, until you realize how phenomenally bored you would be sitting inside a cage for hours on end waiting for your owner to find time to fuck you after work. Or the fact that you would eventually have to piss, and chamberpots aren't exactly sexy.

Well, unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess.

A friend on Fet likes to quote a certain statement about 24/7. I'm not sure where she got it. I'm not sure she knows. I don't think she made it up herself, but I could be wrong.
"24/7 is not a myth. Naked in chains 24/7 is a myth." 
Which, I suppose you could be naked in chains 24/7 if you have no children, no job, and never leave your house...and your chain is long enough to move freely about the house, but chances are, that's not what slavery is going to look like. People have jobs. There's housework to do. Errands to run. Messes to clean. Food to cook.

I've never really understood the caged fantasy. I would think a slave who was in a cage except when being fucked would be a fairly useless slave. I mean, I know there are people who are only sexual slaves and not domestic servants as well. But someone's got to take care of the day to day maintenance of a household. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of M/s relationships don't include a young sexy billionaire with a staffed household who does all that boring shit that's not sexy times.

The rest of us are left to actually slave and perform all of those menial tasks humans find the need to do. And perhaps the master shares in the work as well. At least, I would hope so. I'm kind of rubbish at lawn work or anything to do with a vehicle.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the fantasy as much as anyone else. I would love to be the odalisque, clad in gauzy fabrics, lying about the house, existing only to serve the pleasure of my owner. Be it sex, or performing a dance or a song, or making him some sort of sweets. Living the luxurious life of a beautiful caged bird.

This is an image from a book of dragon art that I have.
It has always spoken to me in that special sort of way.
If you'll notice, there's a delicate gold chain tethering the
dragon's ankle to the cage on the right.

Except, I imagine I would get bored of that fairly quickly, since he wouldn't be around to enjoy me except when he's not at work. And I would feel bad about not being very useful. It's why I have all these plans rolling around in my head for homesteading.

The fantasy is wonderful and something to be indulged in on occasion, but certain fantasies are just not possible or practical. So, if you're basing your entire idea of slavery on porn or some impossible image of a slave nude and shackled, waiting in the dark for the next round of cock, you might want figure out where you got that idea in the first place.

It's hot in your head at the time, but once you're there, you might not find it so awesome.

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