Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exploring the Odalisque

I have always had an interest in the idea of the odalisque, or the fantasy of the harem slave. I recognize it even in my childhood when I started writing my first serious story in the 6th grade. I never finished it, or got remotely close, but I still recall all of the lore I built for it. A large part of it was a desert people, patterned after my impressions of Arab cultures, or perhaps more accurately, the orientalist fantasies of Arab cultures. I had a desert people and somewhere in my story notes was a hand drawn picture of a harem girl who had been the great grandmother of my protagonist. Her name was Mailu.

Mailu. I have no idea how old this is. It was
definitely from the age where I didn't draw hands.

My fascination was always there, but it grew into more prominence when I started dabbling in the art of belly dance. A natural progression, I think, being immersed in a world of silks and bells and sensuality. Especially once I decided on a style, going for a sensual oriental style over the ritualistic nature of tribal.

The Almeh. Jean Leon Gerome

My interest has grown lately in the odalisque type of slavery, likely prompted by reading the Gor novels. I'm not entirely sure why, but my brain seems to make a connection between the two, although the slavery of the Gorean novels is decidedly less glamorous or luxurious as the concept of the odalisque. Perhaps it's the silks and the bells and the steel collars that remind me so much of the odalisquian ideals.

So, I think I shall start a series here on Odalisques, mostly centered around, or categorized by the Octagram described in Tanos's blog It includes 8 concepts broken down into 4 pairs.

Obedience & Captivity
Beauty & Pleasure
Arts & Skills
Nakedness & Purdah

An Odalisque. Francisco Masriera y Manovens

I will write posts based in any one of these concepts. I will likely post under an individual category, or depending on the subject, I may post a pair. I won't define them here. You can check out the definitions presented by Tanos in his blog, which I encourage you to peruse if you're interested in the idea. I don't know what will come of this. This is more of an exploration of a type of slavery that interests me and I would like to figure out how I might fit into the Octagram in my relationship with Daddy.

If you wanna join me in this, I'll find a place to link Odalisque posts somewhere on the blog. I'd also be interested in any suggestions of Odalisque or Harem themed fiction. Join my face!

Link your Odalisque posts here!

Odalisque In Red Interior. Natale Schiavoni

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