Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventures of the (18)50s Housewife: Dairy

It was the strangest drug deal ever. We drove over an hour to end up in a busy gas station parking lot just off the interstate. Two black cars side by side with a plastic tub in the trunk. We've got miliary personel on one end of the parking lot, a state trooper writing a ticket on the other. She hands him the money and they start the exchange.

In about 10 minutes, 14 half gallon jars of raw milk had been successfully exchanged for 14 empty jars.

The first of potentially many stashes to come. The great white gold. Unprocessed milk straight from the grass-fed cow. Dreams of cheese, and butter, and buttermilk dance in our heads on the way home, making deliveries as we went.

So begins the adventures of what Daddy jokingly calls the 1850s housewife. He patiently ignores me while I ramble on about gardens and chickens and homemade soaps. Although, he tells me I can't have a butter churn in the front yard because he doesn't want people thinking he's Amish.

He persists with this joke even though I've told him butter is made a hell of a lot faster in a blender. When it works, anyway. We had a teensy bit of a problem getting the raw cream to form butter. We started with a mixer, which just splattered stuff everywhere. We moved it to the blender, but we never got to the whipped cream stage, so we ended up throwing it in the fridge and trying again the next day. Still couldn't get the butter to form.

We eventually gave up and made cheese instead.

I had a bit of whipping cream in the fridge, so we decided to see if that would work better. We had butter in like 5 minutes. A cup of the stuff made 4.2 oz of butter and 2/3 of a cup of buttermilk

I'm super excited about this. I'm moving out of my parents' soon to spend a while living with my friend before I eventually move to Daddy. I can't wait to try more homesteading stuff and learning new recipes and projects for when I'm with him.

I won't be able to do the raw milk there, because the sale of it isn't legal in his state. He already said I can't have a cow. He did, after much poking, say I could maybe have a goat if we move out to this one house he's got scoped out.

He's not so keen on unpasteurized dairy. We've been going back and forth about it for days, with me trying to convince him that raw dairy isn't as dangerous as he's been trained to think. I even sent him a picture of me drinking out of a glass captioned: "This is me. Drinking raw milk. And not dying. :P"

I expected a more amusing response, but he didn't take the bait. Boo.

I'm not sure he knows what to do with me and all my ideas. But, I want to be useful if I'm not going to work. And I would love to get away from ultra-processed food.

More adventures to come.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Odalisques: Arts: Discovering My Dancer

"Odalisques strive to become accomplished in arts and skills which are desirable to their master, such as visual arts, the performance or selection of music, belly dancing, cooking meals, baking cakes, or creating clothes. They see these arts and skills as another way of pleasing, rather than as household drudgery only suitable for maids and menial servants." - The Octagram,

I was interested in belly dance for about a year before I actually really got into learning. My motivations were primarily developing a skill that I could use for a master and a little bit of fitness. I started gathering videos and resources while at school, but my ex never expressed enough interest in the idea for me to really pursue it. He was actually rather dismissive when I brought it up, so I didn't start studying the dance until about 3 months after that relationship officially ended.

The Harem Dance. Giulo Rosati.
Found on

I wavered through styles, starting with kind of a cabaret gothic fusion. The videos  I was learning from were from a Moroccan dancer named Tiazza at, who only taught Middle Eastern styles of the dance, but all of my music at the time was pretty much Alt Rock, Metal, and similar genres, so I kind of ended up with a mix.

One of my first videos was to Prayer by Disturbed, which Daddy loves because his favorite band is Disturbed. My first performance in front of people was to King of the World by Porcelain and the Tramps and Relax my Beloved by Alex Clare. Not exactly traditional tracks.

I eventually realized that the various forms of tribal fusion weren't for me. My body didn't move that way and I never felt the same passion and sensuality from tribal performances that I did from oriental pieces. The sensuality is what I wanted, that I found so beautiful, what drew me to the dance in the first place.

Dance of the Almeh. Jean-Leon Gerome
Found on

And I have to say, it's the more traditional styles that feel like they mesh with the odalisque ideal of slavery. The costuming is so luxuriant and vibrant. The movements  very natural and earthy. I have had debates with tribal dancers who feel tribal is more earthy, but I figure it all has to do with what style feels the most natural for your body.

I always seem to dance the best when I'm by myself as well as not in front of a camera. I have never danced for a lover, so I am not sure how I would fare there. Dancing in front of an audience tends to sap my strength with adrenaline and nerves. I can dance for nearly an hour when by myself, but one song has me red faced and breathing heavily and in need of a gallon of water if it's in front of an audience. I'm hoping it's not that way with him. Although, I don't know if he'd let me go more than one song before moving onto more interesting things. ;)

Here are a few dancers who embody what I picture when I think of an odalisque dancing.

This is Alia. She pretty much exclusively does what is known as "Vintage Belly dance" or "Golden Age/Era Belly dance." Her performances are always very sensual and enticing. Which seems to fit, since most of her performances appear to take place at a burlesque club.

And this is Blanca, who calls herself Blanca Odalisca on Facebook, so clearly she had the odalisque idea in mind when she came up with that. She is one of my most favorite dancers. It was a video of hers that really got me into belly dancing in the first place. She is the embodiment of the idea of a harem dancer to me. I love listening to her teach in videos because her voice is very calm and soothing and it matches the sensual style she teaches on her DVDs. I wish she had more.

Lately, I've been exploring raqs baladi. I've always loved this style, but I didn't know what it was called until a few months ago. It's the dance of the people of Egypt. It's very internally focused and the movements are kept close to the body. I think it will help me in my art, because it's a very sensual style in my opinion. It's pretty much always improvised and it's all about your body's natural reactions to the music.

This is the woman who teaches on the DVD I'm learning from and I just love her musicality. Her name is Ranya Renee.

And this is Sarah Skinner, who I also enjoy learning from. I did a review of her Opulent Motion DVD a few months back. I highly recommend her as well as Ranya Renee.

Now, other masters may prefer other styles of stance, but this is the one that I am most passionate about and feel the most beautiful doing. It's a constant process of learning, and I can only hope it pleases him even though I may not be the greatest at it yet.

Harem Dancer. Gaston Guedy
This is my favorite odalisque image, and my
absolute favorite odalisque dancer image so far.
Found on
Join me in discussing the idea of the odalisque as a part of modern consensual slavery by linking your posts on the Odalisques page of the blog!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wicked Wednesday: All Alone in My Own Little Chair

YKINMK is one of the many acronym-based mantras of the lifestyle. It's not one that I use. I've never been one to express my kink in the form of philosophies based in acronyms. I also tend to have a more cynical view on the issue. I don't feel it's so much promoting tolerance of other kinks, or encouraging lack of judgement. I think it's more discouraging the expression of those judgments.

Because, face it, we all have shit we think is wrong or gross and can't fathom why anyone would want to do that. Or things that make us uncomfortable that we don't want to be around.

And, sometimes it's just hard being surrounded by something you're not into and can't relate to. How do you insert yourself in a conversation when the topic is something your brain can't even compute? It's not even necessarily possessing a fringe kink that causes this problem.

For instance, I'm monogamous. A pretty fair portion of the people I know in the lifestyle are poly. Poly has never been something that my brain has been able to wrap itself around. I'm hardwired for monogamy. I never quite know how to respond to relationship questions about poly. Or just general conversation. The more partners I see a friend get, the more I think "God, that sounds exhausting." Even just two people sounds exhausting to me, but I'm kind of clingy and very focused on one person at a time. Trying to keep up with more than one would break my brain.

The Martyr of Love. P.A.A. Leroy
found on

Strangely enough, I also feel isolated in YKINMK land in the practice of M/s. Now, on Fet, I have many M/s friends--the result of hanging out in M/s forums. In the local scene, however, M/s is not the most common dynamic. Consent and safety are big, big things in the local scene, so it's hard to bring up topics like consensual non-consent (CNC) as a relationship rather than a singular encounter, or not using a safe word, or not having limits. Or even just not having the ability to make something a limit just because you don't particularly care for it.

Or the biggy, not being able to say no (refusal, not literally the word "no").

But then again, I don't always fit in with the M/s crowd either, because I do have some imposed limits and a lot of M/s couples don't. I also feel nervous about attending M/s specific events because I'm extremely low protocol. I have this image of walking into the room and everybody expecting me to toss around honorifics like candy and fetch people drinks, or ask permission to say hi to the naked lady in the corner. Although, I probably wouldn't say hi to the naked lady in the corner because her nakedness would be all of the distracting.

An Arabian Nights Illustration  by
Rene Bull, found on

I'm not a formal person. I don't stand on ceremony. When I see descriptions from M/s couples that mention how they've been in the lifestyle since the flood or how they have all this training in vague areas, or areas so broad, you have no idea what that could possibly mean in reality.

For instance, statements like these (which I bring up because they were mentioned in an ad about a local MaST [well, it's MAsT, but my OCD wants the conjunction to be lowercased because grammar] chapter):

"She has received extensive training in legacy, service, and general slave duties."

...what does that even mean? I have no idea what "legacy" is, and I haven't been let in on the secret. I mean, is that some sort of Leather thing I'm completely oblivious to? Also, service is pretty broad. What kind of service? Service to whom? Or are we talking like tea service, or formal dinner service?And what are "general slave duties?"

You know what I've been trained in? Nothing. Unless you count school, work, and general domestic talents cultivated through childhood and adolescence and a lot of fucking google. Oh, and Cake Boss. I figured out how to decorate cakes from Cake Boss and trial and error.

Sugar Skull cake I made for my play partner's
23rd birthday. 

But training is not really my kink. I'm not even sure what training is supposed to look like. I see training as an extremely formalized routine developed to yield a specific result. Not something I've really done.

Also this one:

"At MaST events, she will be the slave clad in Smoke and Sky."

I...I have no idea what that means. Does that means she's gonna wear black and blue? Or is that some hifalutin talk for naked? Seriously? Does it mean naked? If so, why not just say naked? 'Cause I've kind of got the image of black and blue chiffon in my head, or maybe cigarette smoke.

Me no gets. Exprain prease.

I get excessively intimidated by shit like this, because I know protocol is a fairly common kink in the power exchange community. But it's not my kink. Although, I think this is often the one kink people expect you to participate in while in public whether you're into it or not.

I make a conscious effort to stay away from high protocol events, because it's just not my thing and I can't really hide my annoyance or bring myself to participate in it. It does all sorts of weird shit to my brain. Makes me extremely uncomfortable  and nervous because it doesn't feel natural to me.

So, I'm wary of M/s specific events, because that kink is not my kink, and people don't always agree that that's okay.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Slave Mythology: All the Nakeds, All the Time: Fantasy vs. Reality

I think most of us got into this with some sort of fantasy in our heads about what it would be like.  Whether it be from porn, a book we read, or a film we saw, or even just some innocent image, there was some sort of fantastical idea that sparked our interest. You see it all the time with noobs coming in with these unrealistic expectations of what it's like to be a slave, or a submissive. The two are often used interchangeably in fictional portrayals of the lifestyle, perhaps because the author is inexperienced or because they feel the need to simplify the concept to keep the reader engaged.

But, when it comes down to actual practice, I think many are disappointed when they find that it's not the fantasy they pictured. And that's understandable. Fantasies are alluring, engaging. They give mundane activities this sort of epic atmosphere they would not otherwise have. We seek fantasy to escape the stress or boredom of reality.

A popular one I tend to see is the newbie slave who thinks that they want to be confined to a cage, and only be let out to perform their duties (which often exclusively pertains to sex). That's all well and good, until you realize how phenomenally bored you would be sitting inside a cage for hours on end waiting for your owner to find time to fuck you after work. Or the fact that you would eventually have to piss, and chamberpots aren't exactly sexy.

Well, unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess.

A friend on Fet likes to quote a certain statement about 24/7. I'm not sure where she got it. I'm not sure she knows. I don't think she made it up herself, but I could be wrong.
"24/7 is not a myth. Naked in chains 24/7 is a myth." 
Which, I suppose you could be naked in chains 24/7 if you have no children, no job, and never leave your house...and your chain is long enough to move freely about the house, but chances are, that's not what slavery is going to look like. People have jobs. There's housework to do. Errands to run. Messes to clean. Food to cook.

I've never really understood the caged fantasy. I would think a slave who was in a cage except when being fucked would be a fairly useless slave. I mean, I know there are people who are only sexual slaves and not domestic servants as well. But someone's got to take care of the day to day maintenance of a household. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of M/s relationships don't include a young sexy billionaire with a staffed household who does all that boring shit that's not sexy times.

The rest of us are left to actually slave and perform all of those menial tasks humans find the need to do. And perhaps the master shares in the work as well. At least, I would hope so. I'm kind of rubbish at lawn work or anything to do with a vehicle.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the fantasy as much as anyone else. I would love to be the odalisque, clad in gauzy fabrics, lying about the house, existing only to serve the pleasure of my owner. Be it sex, or performing a dance or a song, or making him some sort of sweets. Living the luxurious life of a beautiful caged bird.

This is an image from a book of dragon art that I have.
It has always spoken to me in that special sort of way.
If you'll notice, there's a delicate gold chain tethering the
dragon's ankle to the cage on the right.

Except, I imagine I would get bored of that fairly quickly, since he wouldn't be around to enjoy me except when he's not at work. And I would feel bad about not being very useful. It's why I have all these plans rolling around in my head for homesteading.

The fantasy is wonderful and something to be indulged in on occasion, but certain fantasies are just not possible or practical. So, if you're basing your entire idea of slavery on porn or some impossible image of a slave nude and shackled, waiting in the dark for the next round of cock, you might want figure out where you got that idea in the first place.

It's hot in your head at the time, but once you're there, you might not find it so awesome.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exploring the Odalisque

I have always had an interest in the idea of the odalisque, or the fantasy of the harem slave. I recognize it even in my childhood when I started writing my first serious story in the 6th grade. I never finished it, or got remotely close, but I still recall all of the lore I built for it. A large part of it was a desert people, patterned after my impressions of Arab cultures, or perhaps more accurately, the orientalist fantasies of Arab cultures. I had a desert people and somewhere in my story notes was a hand drawn picture of a harem girl who had been the great grandmother of my protagonist. Her name was Mailu.

Mailu. I have no idea how old this is. It was
definitely from the age where I didn't draw hands.

My fascination was always there, but it grew into more prominence when I started dabbling in the art of belly dance. A natural progression, I think, being immersed in a world of silks and bells and sensuality. Especially once I decided on a style, going for a sensual oriental style over the ritualistic nature of tribal.

The Almeh. Jean Leon Gerome

My interest has grown lately in the odalisque type of slavery, likely prompted by reading the Gor novels. I'm not entirely sure why, but my brain seems to make a connection between the two, although the slavery of the Gorean novels is decidedly less glamorous or luxurious as the concept of the odalisque. Perhaps it's the silks and the bells and the steel collars that remind me so much of the odalisquian ideals.

So, I think I shall start a series here on Odalisques, mostly centered around, or categorized by the Octagram described in Tanos's blog It includes 8 concepts broken down into 4 pairs.

Obedience & Captivity
Beauty & Pleasure
Arts & Skills
Nakedness & Purdah

An Odalisque. Francisco Masriera y Manovens

I will write posts based in any one of these concepts. I will likely post under an individual category, or depending on the subject, I may post a pair. I won't define them here. You can check out the definitions presented by Tanos in his blog, which I encourage you to peruse if you're interested in the idea. I don't know what will come of this. This is more of an exploration of a type of slavery that interests me and I would like to figure out how I might fit into the Octagram in my relationship with Daddy.

If you wanna join me in this, I'll find a place to link Odalisque posts somewhere on the blog. I'd also be interested in any suggestions of Odalisque or Harem themed fiction. Join my face!

Link your Odalisque posts here!

Odalisque In Red Interior. Natale Schiavoni