Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not a Pyro Pet: Experiences in Fire Cupping

Throughout the course of my roughly 3 years of being active in my local community, I’ve probably seen a couple dozen fire play demos and probably twice that number in fire play scenes. I’ve seen four different methods of fire cupping. I’ve watched people draw designs in mousse on people’s backs and light them on fire with either a lighter or even a spark from a violet wand. I’ve seen both open-flame candle wax play and heated wax play. I’ve seen that little trick where they swab you with alcohol and light that shit on fire. The most unusual fire play thing I’ve seen was flash cotton.  A little tuft in your hand can make it look like you can conjure fire balls, or a string of it lying on your belly while the flame speeds toward your face can freak you out.

However, despite having witnessed all this, my own experience with fire play is rather limited. I’ve done the following:

  • Open-flame wax play (Bottom and Top)
  • Fire cupping (Bottom)
  • Fire swab thing

I’ve never been too terribly interested in fire play. I think it’s pretty to watch, but the only thing that has really interested me was hot wax play because I enjoy the feeling of scalding hot water running over me. Although, my first experience with open-flame candles wasn’t too pleasant.

My first experience with wax play.

The first time I ever saw fire cupping, it was at my first kinky Halloween party in October of 2011. I was still with my ex for some stupid reason, so I wasn’t really allowed to do anything except top at parties. I can’t remember if I did that night or not. But I did get to see my friend, and sometimes play partner, get fire cupped. It was a neat thing to see the first time, and her back looked like it had been raped by the Kraken.

It was a year before I actually tried it for myself. I had brought a male sub friend to a party I hadn’t expected to get to go to. Well, I suppose he brought me, as tagging along on his random road trip was the only way I was getting back to town for the party. It was his first kink party ever, and his first time with fire cupping as well. He absolutely loved it.

Marks from male sub friend's first cupping.

I on the other hand, didn’t have so great of an experience. I had been told by unnumbered bottoms that fire cupping didn’t hurt, that it felt like a massage. The resident fire expert was in attendance cupping everybody because fire cupping is one of the most popular fetishes I’ve seen other than flogging. So I figured what the hell. Maybe I shouldn’t have, because I wasn’t feeling that well and I couldn’t really breathe through my face, but I did.

Once he put that first cup on my back, I was silently cursing every lying bitch who told me it didn’t hurt. It felt like someone was crushing a cup into my shoulder blade. It fucking hurt, and not in a good way. I think I might have started crying a little bit. I can take a heavy amount of certain types of pain, but there are others I can barely tolerate. He tried to fix it, but I only made it through two cups before I had to give up.

Marks from the first cupping the day after. I don't mark terribly
well, and when I do, it's hard to capture on film
because I'm so pale.

After that, I’d simply determined that fire cupping wasn’t for me. I wasn’t too eager to try it again, although I continued to see different fire play scenes.

Last night, I attended the monthly munch and party, which had a theme of flogging, but as usual, fire kits were brought out, because, oh my shit, did I mention fire play is popular? Tonight, the one doing cups was a woman. It was the first time I’d met her, but, like her dom, who I’d met before, she radiated confidence and good knowledge.  I’m limited in what I can do at parties, since Daddy only allows me to play with women and there aren’t a lot of female tops around here, so mostly I just stick to knife play with my friend. But I figured, I’d give it a go, since I had the opportunity and I had already mentioned my poor first experience earlier in the evening.

Fire swabby prep stuff. 

I got through 6 cups this time, and not a single one of them hurt. So, now I’m a little confused as to what happened the first time that made it suck so much. There was no pain this time, and no marks, although she did only do light suction because of my issues with deep tissue pressure. I can’t say that it produced any sort of intense sensation like I’ve seen others react to. I didn’t find it unpleasant, but I didn’t exactly find it pleasurable. It was more of an “eh, okay” sort of feeling. My favorite part was when she moved them around, because I could feel more then, and it was similar to the sensation of having my back scratched, which I enjoy.

Second cupping experience. Ignore mah undies.

So, my second experience was a million times better than my first experience, but I think I still have to come to the same conclusion that fire cupping really isn’t my thing. I know people who find it simply amazing and can even subspace from it, which is a difficult state for me to achieve, but it just wasn’t a sensation that elicited any sort of reaction from me. I don’t think it will be something I actively seek out in the way I do knives. Which, the only fire play that Daddy is really interested in is wax play, so it works.

I recommend trying it at least once or twice, just to see if it’s for you. Pretty much everyone else I know who’s tried it has loved it. I’m just the weird one.  

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