Friday, March 21, 2014

Dancing For Master: 6 Songs for the Sensual Dancer

I absolutely love sensual belly dance. It's one of my favorite forms of service because I just feel so beautiful when I do it. The hardest part for me, is finding music that feels right, especially for more private performances. So, I have compiled a list of 6 songs here that represent that feeling. I hope you like them, and perhaps they'll inspire your own performances.

1. Jamilla/Jemilleh - John Bilezikjian

A rich and beautiful song, you can just feel the sensuality in these melodies and rhythms. John has a beautiful voice that flows over the oud so well, you never really notice how few words the song actually has. I love this piece. I even did a video for it on my own youtube (not the one I posted below). I think I'll eventually do a new dance to it, now that I've improved. You can find the translation here.

2. Al Baladi - Mario Kirlis

Although, I tend to prefer lyrical pieces as I find them easier to follow, this is a great song. The steady beat ads a nice punch to the melody that slithers over the top of the drums. It does speed up a bit in the last third, but that can be a good way to build up the frenzy and end with a nice dramatic finish. 

3. Yearning - Raul Ferrando 

If you've looked at any belly dance videos on YouTube, you'll notice that this song is extremely popular among belly dancers. And for good reason. There's so much passion packed into this song, you get a little breathless just listening to it. Don't believe me? Watch this dancer. This performance was my introduction to the song. A great one, I think. I also recommend Wishful Thinking by Raul Ferrando. I couldn't find a youtube video for it, but you should give it a listen. It's available on Itunes and Amazon. It's deceptively speedy in the beginning, but has a sudden switch to a more earthy, sensual tune fairly quickly.

4. The Sensual Chifti - Eddie Kochak

I just found this one today. I have such a hard time finding sensual music that evokes the sort of mood I'm looking for when I dance. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across this one, and from one of the greats of belly dance music. It has a steady medium paced rhythm with a slower melody over the top. I'd probably choose to dance predominantly to the melody.

5. Raqset Kahramana/Mkhtarat Wahab - Farid Al Atrache

Yeah...I can't pronounce it either. It's a good pick though. It flows back and forth between slower and faster sections. It has a wonderful vintage vibe, because it is from the Golden Era and is often paired with vintage style performances. You could get wonderfully flirty with it.

6. Lamma Bada Yatathana - Lena Chamamyan

This is probably more romantic then sensual. It's not quite as earthy as the others. However, it is fluid and beautiful with a female singer this time. There are numerous versions of this song, this one just happens to be one I like. You can find the translation to the lyrics here.

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